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XPS 15 7590: switching sound between headphones and speakers

Does anyone know how to switch sound output between headphones and speakers without having to physically plug in and unplug the headphones? i.e. be able to select the sound output device via windows or some kind of audio management application

On the XPS 15 7590, MaxxAudioPro is installed with Realtek drivers, which doesn't seem to be able to differentiate headphones and speakers as separate output devices.




On other devices that use Realtek HD Audio Manager instead, there's the option to "Make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously" e.g. https://appuals.com/fix-realtek-hd-audio-manager-headphones-and-speakers-show-up-as-same-device/

How to achieve the equivalent on the XPS 15 7590? Is it possible to uninstall MaxxAudioPro completely and replace it with Realtek HD Audio Manager? Or there's a better/easier solution?



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Re: XPS 15 7590: switching sound between headphones and speakers

Not sure if you can switch to that other Realtek audio management application -- it's possible that the management application is determined by the specific Realtek chipset in the system.  But if you can't do that, then if the system's audio chipset and/or driver only "exposes" a single Headphones/Speakers output device and then decides whether to route to the laptop's built-in speakers or to your external headphones/speakers, you wouldn't have any control over that because you only have that single device.  One workaround would be to use a USB-based audio solution, either native USB headphones or even a USB to headphone jack adapter like this one.  In that case, the USB device would be seen as a completely separate audio output device unrelated to the Realtek device, so you'd be able to manage it independently.