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XPS 15 7590 won't update to Windows 10 20H2

At some point I realized that my Windows 10 is no longer updating and I've done all the searching I can to try to get it to 20H2, since that's the update that Windows says it failed to update, but no luck. Right now, under the Windows update screen, it says I'm not up to date and has me check for updates, but then doesn't have an option to actually download and install the update. Previously when I tried various things, it would download and install, restart and go through a bunch of screens, and then undo the changes. As far as I can tell, searching past people's problems, it might have to do with the fact that it also keeps failing to update STMicroelectronics 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer from to - but it also seems that both of those options may be wildly out of date. I tried downloading a more recent version but the system didn't seem to recognize it and it certainly didn't help me install the update. No matter what I do based on various common solutions to Windows not updating, nothing seems to resolve it. Any recommendations? Thank you so much!

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Did you check this series of posts?


The user was able to determine what drivers were faulty by checking the Event Viewer Logs for Windows Update ("Event Viewer" > "Applications and Services Logs" > "Microsoft" > "Windows" > "WindowsUpdateClient" > "Operational". He had the STMicroelectronics issue as well as one other.


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