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XPS 15 9500 4k Video Playback Problems

I have the Dell XPS 15 9500 4k and have been having issues with streaming 4k video.

Basic spec:
9500 4k Touch Screen
Intel 10750H
1650 TI

The Problem:
The laptop is now unable to stream 4k from Netflix/Disney Plus. 4k YouTube video very jerky and unwatchable.

I want to see if anyone else has this problem and go over what Dell has done so far. This is our 4th XPS 15 Laptop we bought for work (this is the only 4k model though). Really like them so this isn’t a “slag off Dell” post. Just wanted to write up where I am with it. Sorry for the long post.

When new (bought in late 2021), this laptop played Netflix 4k films fine using the Netflix app. When you go into Netflix and select a film (say 6 Underground), the info shows its Dolby Vision - Atmos. It played the film in full 4k, HDR etc. This can be checked by pressing CTR, SHIFT, ALT, Q when the film is running to pull up the nerd info from Netflix. Here it shows it’s running in 4k etc. Disney Plus app also worked fine in 4k.

Using Edge browser to open Youtube and run a 4k 60 FPS video was also fine. Stats for nerds showed no dropped frames here, great video smooth playback.

A couple of months on I’m not able to play 4k films in the Netflix app, get Netflix Error U7361-1255-8004CD22. Select the film and the info shows its Dolby Vision – Atmos so it should be able to run in 4k but won’t.

YouTube will play the same 4k 60 FPS video but it's jerky and unwatchable, stats for nerds show its dropping frames constantly.

The only thing that’s changed on the laptop is updating the windows updates and the Dell driver updates. As of writing, ALL bios, driver, windows updates are done.

The Intel Graphics Command Centre says the display is NOT HDCP compatible.

I’ve spoken to Dell, they confirmed the machine is HDCP 2.2 complaint. They thought the motherboard was faulty so sent a tech round to replace it. We replaced the mobo and put in the same Hard Drive and booted it up. Netflix was now able to run a 4k film, but it was jerky, out of sync with the sound and basically unwatchable. YouTube 4k test video was just as bad as it was before. The Intel Graphics Command Centre still says the display is not HDCP compatible.

The Dell Support software found a new bios update for the motherboard, so we flash the bios and install it. Reboot the laptop and now Netflix and Disney Plus won’t play the 4k movies. They throw up the same error codes that mean there’s a problem with HDCP (Disney Plus is error code 39 I think)

I decided to do a full Windows restore and wipe the computer and reinstall windows 11. Fresh install with all the relevant updates and the same problems. Same error codes on Netflix and Disney Plus. Same problem on Youtube 4k video playback.

Dell has offered to replace the laptop but as the 9500 is no longer made, they offered the newer 9510. The problem is they don’t have the 4k screen model so was only able to offer the basic entry model. Whilst I appreciate this, I do need the 4k so as of now I’m waiting for that to become available but it's looking like it will be months before a replacement is offered.

I would be happy to keep my current laptop if there was a way to fix it but as of now, we can't seem to do that.

Does anyone else have this issue or do just have a faulty laptop that needs replacing?

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Looks like it is a bug in the Intel Graphics driver, nothing to do with Dell.  See https://www.intel.com.au/content/www/au/en/support/articles/000088029/graphics/graphics-for-10th-gen... 

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Ever since I received the laptop it has always said non-HDCP compliant, but it did stream 4K Netflix all last year, even in dolby vision or HDR which I wish it would not since it does not look good because it dims the picture and stops the brightness control from doing anything.

It still says non-HDCP compliant, I recently have tried a clean reinstall of the latest Dell intel driver, the latest generic intel, and an old dell version from last year. It has said non-HDCP compliant every time and the error in Netflix still happens.

All this is why I think it was bug that 4K Netflix ever worked, and I am curious if anyone with a 9510 or 9520 has this issue.


Dell sold us the laptop that they use Intel parts in, so from a consumer standpoint it's still a Dell problem! I bought the laptop not the processor as a stand alone! The laptop isn't working with things they put it together with!

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An update. 

For months I have been in touch with Dell about this issue. They originally promised a replacement laptop with a 4k screen once it came back in stock but as of yesterday they changed their mind and will not be providing one. I have been speaking with the Dell Technical Support – EMEA team via WhatsApp as I have ProSupport, the thread goes back to Nov 2021. 

They now say I have just 2 options. They have offered a full refund, or they say I must wait until their tech guys replicate my system fault and then work on a fix. I reported this issue to them late last year when the laptop arrived (about 6 months ago), if they haven’t even replicated the issue by now I’m not expecting a fix anytime soon. The refund option is no help as the cost of a similar spec laptop replacement is now nearly three times the price I paid for this one.   

The fact remains, the FLAGSHIP, VERY EXPENSIVE, TOP OF THE RANGE XPS 15 laptops can't stream 4k video. They claim you can do this but we have multiple people in this thread reporting the exact same problem. Clearly, this is a known issue, but they haven’t resolved it.  

All new potential buyers should be aware that this laptop has a major fault and cannot do what it claims it can do.  

I have now lost any faith that this matter will be resolved and I am just being strung along by Dell Support. The only thing I think they will take seriously is to post on as many public forums and social media platforms, making sure any potential buyers of the XPS 15 4K find this information and are made aware of this fault.  

Dell might get round to fixing this of course, but after 6 months of being strung along, I’m out of patience. I know it's petty, but they only started to show concern when I stated I would be taking this course of action. Yesterday they asked for 24 hours whilst they “looked into this”, that’s now past. They said they will pass this to their “escalation team” but as they hadn’t done this already, what’s the point? 

My conclusion is this is a known issue that not enough people are complaining about. I very much doubt it’s a priority for Dell to fix this unless more owners complain so I plan to make as much noise about it as possible. Review sites, public forums, social media and a PPC campaign for starters.  

I will keep this thread updated but it looks like we have just been sold a faulty laptop that Dell refuses to fix. 


They just did a software takeover and are escalating me as well. Will keep you all posted at this point I'd take the full refund as we but I paid with my Dell CC and have a 0 balance now so I don't know how that would work  


I wish I could get a refund, one of the reasons I bought the 4K display was to use Netflix 4K. 


It seems to me they know about this issue but have not dedicated their resources to fixing the problem. It's taken them 6 months and still no fix. I do believe Dell are now just going to ignore it unless more people complain. 


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The laptop has just done a bios update for the new release, version 1.14.0 is now installed. Disney plus still throws up the same error code, Youtube 4k video is still jerky and drops frames as before but Netflix will now play a 4k movie rather than throw up the error code and refuse to play. Whilst it still detects the movie should be displayed in full 4k, it will only play up to 1080. The bios update has not fixed this issue and the laptop is still unable to watch video in 4k. 


Update=Attn Thread Posters.

This issue has been brought to the notice of our engineering team & they are looking in to this. Once we have more information we will post it on this thread. Thank you for your patience.

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This issue was bought to the notice of your engineering team, by me, 6 months ago. Don't worry, this issue will soon be plastered all over the internet just in case they miss it. 

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