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XPS 15 9500 Internet connection of Whatsapp Desktop and MS Teams disconnect

Dsear Community,

I am having the problem that Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp Desktop keep loosing their internet connection, although nothing changes and all other apps or browsers work fine with the internet. It seems to be simultaneuos, both MS Teams and WhatsApp loosing connectiong at the same time.

After restarting them several times again and again, they randomly reconnect again. Restarting the laptop usually helps aswell.

Did someone experience similar problems too? Could there something special these two apps are using, so that only they are affected and nothing else?

Thank you!

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Yes that should do 
dell or Killer should keep them off by defailt and let user decide it. 



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I have this "Killer Intelligence Center" for the Wifi card, where I see 2541 optimizations shown, but I cannot turn anything off (except "DoubleShot" and "GameFast", but they are already off)

I could only turn off the Prioritization Engine, but thats only 1 point of the optimizations shown..

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Killer wifi card ??? 

Open Killer Control Center and turn all the optimizations Off 


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