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XPS 15 (9500) Latest Bios Update 1.7.1


1. SupportAssist shows bios update 1.17.0 that fails to load and always does on my laptop

2. F12 key then remote bios update was successful but at 1.16.0 (latest version apprently)

3. Dell website shows 1.7.1 as latest version and won't update as error msg "cant update older version"


Can anyone shed some light on this mess?

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1.17.0 is the latest showing -- if that's not what you have, download manually and install:




Yes if only that were possible but unfortunately I own a Dell laptop where such things as updating the bios are not possible as manual method throws up an error...am totally reliant on the F12 bios update method and this currently suggest 1.16.0 as the most up-to-date version.

I'll just have to hope dell.com gets updated.

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