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XPS 15 9500 randomly freezing (known issue)

Hey guys, I got my xps 15 couple days ago and I have been having a freezing issue that happens in many situations including when I was using eclipse or when I was using the internet browser or even when I walked out for 5min and came back to the computer which wasn't doing anything and every time it seems like the freeze is actually only visually because if you are watching something for example you can still hear the audio in the background. what I found that if u press the sleep bottom and press it again monitor turns of and turns back on again and when I do this it goes back to normal and its fixes it but this is super annoying and I never had such an issue with any computer.

also in this link, there are other people which they have xps 9500 and they all have the same issue. I have a replacement device on the way but Im really worried that one might have the same issue since this seems to be a known issue and many people are suffering from this.


So far I tried doing a clean install on windows, uninstalling Nvidia graphic driver, intel graphic driver uninstalling and testing different versions and testing dell monitor driver and trying to remove it and going back to windows generic but so far nothing has worked.If someone knows a solution please  help me

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Glad I found this thread - thought I was crazy.   Unboxed my just shipped XPS 9500 and within 10 minutes of setup it froze.  Have both the Intel and Nvidia controllers.   Unset the Panel Self Refresh  and Extend Battery Life for Gaming in the installed Intel Graphics Command Center (1.100.2970.0).  Also, extended the time to sleep.  So far so good.


spoke too soon of course...  after a couple of hours listening to music, came back to the notebook and found it frozen (though the audio was still streaming as others have mentioned).

I had made sure my power button puts the system to "sleep" - so pressed the button - it went to sleep (audio stopped), then clicked the power button again.  It woke up and continued streaming my music - so a couple seconds of missed music in this case. But really!?


I uninstalled the Intel Graphics Command Center, poked around Intel's website to find the link to a Microsoft.com copy of Intel Graphics Control Panel (it does not show at all in Microsoft Store) and installed it.   Went under Power settings and disabled Panel Self-Refresh, Display Power Saving Technology, and Extended Battery Life for Gaming (I am usually plugged in) and don't need any of these.  It ran for the rest of the day without freezing.


@monmor  do you have a link to the thing you downloaded?


Same issue with my XPS 9500. I changed Windows to Ubuntu, and the issue is gone. 


This is from Intel's website:


which points you to Microsoft


remember to turn off the power saving features (especially Panel Self-Refresh) after swapping out this software.  

I have not had it freeze since switching the control software.


Thanks, downloaded it and changed the settings. Will see what happens.

Seems like when I went to the battery tab, I had to turn off the panel self-refresh while plugged in, save the settings, leave the battery tab, take my charger out, go back to the battery tab, and turn off self-refresh again to make sure it's off for both states.

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