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XPS 15 9500, stuck on Dell logo

XPS 15 9500


I can't believe I trust Dell products and always use their products. What is the manufacturing problem that occurred for Dell XPS 15 9500? I bought it in October 2020. <The purchased 1 year warranty expired 7 months/12 days ago on November 28, 2021. DELL-Admin>. Three days ago, a strange thing happened. Dell XPS stopped at the Dell logo on startup and I can’t even open bios or something like that. I took it to the service center in my country and they told me that this version of Dell has some problems and you unfortunately had this problem. The motherboard malfunctioned and you have to change it. Also they told me it’s not available here in my country as spare parts. Unfortunately, I bought the laptop from the United States from Dell store and now I'm outside of the United States and I don't know what to do? I paid a lot of money to get this laptop and without any reasons or abuse the laptop not opened. The laptop stuck on logo what is that? Why did that happen? I did a research on the problem and its reasons and unfortunately I found other people that happened to them exactly the same like me. What happened to this particular version? Unfortunately I am out of warranty because the problem occurred after a year of warranty. Please understand the matter and take the matter seriously. The matter is catastrophic. My work and life have been disrupted due to a malfunction that Dell caused. Due to the nature of my work I’m a software engineer. What in this particular version of the laptop that suffered from this problem around the world. This laptop has already had this problem with other people. The problem occurred after the warranty period, but this is not my fault. I have always dreamed of owning a Dell Flagship laptop  And indeed I got it, but why did the laptop not complete with me for more than a year and 6 months? Please, I am upset. I paid a large amount, so what happened if I was not answered transparently? What is wrong with this model of XPS and why did this problem happen to many people around the world? <Violation as defined by Dell removed. Read the Forum Code of Conduct. DELL-Admin> This is clowning. This is absurd. I am a client for Dell, and you have to take this into consideration and solve the problem that I am not the one who caused it.  Find a solution for my problem. Please escalate the problem from your side, discuss it and respond immediately as soon as possible.


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Find a repair shop that can source the mainboard, or purchase one from a seller that will ship to wherever you're located.  Then you can either replace the board yourself, or have a local repair shop do the job.

As for the rest, including the disruption of work, no computer manufacturer is responsible for that even under warranty.  And by importing an otherwise unsupported system yourself, you've created the problem.

Since having an out of warranty system on which your rely for business is not a good idea, you may be better off replacing the system at this point, being sure that whatever you do buy, is supported in your location.  For any notebook computer, buying without a 3-year warranty and support package for business purposes is not wise, so consider that if your resolution is to replace rather than repair this system.


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The link below is an old topic, but the most recent reply was "Accepted by Community"

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