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XPS 15 9530 nVidia driver update

Dear Dell support,

Actually I’m running a rendering application on my XPS 15 9530. Service Tag:  <Service Tag removed>.

Unfortunately, the application requires an nVidia driver version above the latest one provided by Dell.

The nVidia driver should be around version 419.17 latest.

As this Laptop is just great for my usage, is there any chance Dell would provide a newer driver version for the nVidia Geforce GT 750M for the XPS 15?

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Sorry to hear that @Toniinot 

Then all you can do is wait and see if Dell adjusts one of the newer nVidia drivers to conform to this model laptop???

What you need to know is that manufactures will send drivers to computer manufacturers.

Computer manufacturers then adjust that driver for their specific needs and models.

That's why some OEM, "In this case nVidea" drivers do not work on a computer hence the bluescreen when trying to use the driver from nVidea.

In many cases after 3-4 years of releasing a computer, manufacturers will stop updating drivers.

In some cases when it comes to security/vulnerability reasons they will update drivers after 3-4 years,



Thanks for your answer.

Yes. I tried several nVidia drivers. The latest one who is more or less ok is version 372.90. All the drivers above are not compatible or create a bluescreen.

Version 372.90 might be ok for my rendering application but unfortunately the nVidia optix denoiser feature is not supported.

Welcome to the Dell Community  @Toniinot 

Did you try the one from nVIDIA???


Best regards,


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