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XPS 15 9530 with Nvidia 750M Overheat Issue

I am now a believer, I should not have replaced the Dell specific driver with the version from the Nvidia site.  Getting the Dell driver back on was easy using device manager and Dell Support.  However the games that require the driver are not recognizing the Dell driver.

I suspect I have path issues.  Uninstall / reinstall of the game did not fix the issue.  I put the Nvidia site driver back on and the game works fine for a couple hours until the frame rate drops, likely to protect the card.

I'm looking for a solution short of OS reinstall.  

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Update on overheat post:  A device conflict was a likely contributor.  I installed a new controller and only experienced one frame rate drop in over 6 hours of game play.  I am still interested in getting the Dell driver to work.

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