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XPS 15 9550 Black Screen possible graphics card issue?

Hello all,


This is my first time posting here.  I have had my dell xps 15 for a little over 2 years.  Last week, I was using the laptop fine, the next time I went to boot it up, it was just showing a black screen.  I did some googling and tried powering on while holding Ctrl+Shift+Windows Key+ Alt and then it turned on.  I thought it was a little werid but didn't think anything of it as it was functioning normally during that use.


The next power on it does the same thing, but no solution that I have found online has been any help.    Plugging into an external monitor did work, and I noticed that windows didn't recognize the main laptop monitor as a monitor anymore.  However, performing a boot while holding the D button did perform the proper screen test so the LCD is functional.


Next I uninstalled and reinstalled my GPU drivers with DDU and that didn't fix anything either.  My GTX 960M is listed in device manager and windows says it is functioning properly.

I did take off the back and disconnected the battery and drained the residual capacitor power just to test if that helped.


Next I tried booting into a linux Flash drive which worked!  Immediately Ubuntu chose the laptop screen as its default monitor and everything worked great.  However since I did not perform a full install of Linux I didn't check if it was using solely the integrated graphics or if it was using the graphics card.  (Can the integrated graphics display onto the built in LCD?).

So in a last ditch effort I did a clean install of windows 10.  I went to the appropriate page from dell to download all the drivers and I put them onto a flash drive and installed each on individually.  I couldn't do this from my laptop because after the install of windows, Wifi wasn't an option for network connection.  After installing the drivers from dell, I can enable wifi, but no available networks are shown.   So I am still unable to connect to the internet.  I did also install the latest graphics driver to the PC as well.


I noticed in the Nvidia control panel, in the Physx  tab (only the 3D settings tab is shown), it says the 960M is not connected to any monitor, it only showed my integrated graphics card connected to my external monitor.


I am lost in what to do, is my graphics card dead?  Is there a step I am missing?  As of now the screen on my PC is always black when using windows, and the WiFi shows no available networks.  Linux does display onto the laptop screen and connect to the internet, but I am unsure if it is using the graphics card to display.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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