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XPS 15 9550 PL Throttling

i have been experiencing this Power Limit Throttling issue for some time now when ever i do anything intensive mainly some CAD rendering and gaming, so i researched a lot and found out that it is very common problem with XPS so i did some repasting and undervolting and put some Thermal pads on the VRM according to some guides which helped reducing the temps a lot from 45C-48C to 33C-38C for CPU in Idle and under load i get 70C max,also the Ambient temps are now fairly low 70C max (before adding thermal pads temps reached 93C).

After all that the issue remains i have some picture to show my temps while gaming cs:go medium setting when i am in game cpu throttles i tab out to desktop everything goes back to normal no throttling ????? can any tell what is wrong with my XPS, i can't do anything but IDLING!!!, browsing and some coding without it throttling.

Everything is updated to latest i even did fresh windows install, i have the i7, FHD, 960m configuration.

the blue highlighted text (Fuses Limit,..) kicks in some times randomly and always when i stress test the system specifically with Aida64 what is the reason for this limit ? is it normal ?

some info and temps while gaming: (with intel dynamic platform and thermal framework installed)

info and temps while gaming: (without intel dynamic platform and thermal framework):


Edit1: all the issues mentioned above started after i got my xps back from repair, dell replaced the motherboard because of a defective GTX 960M.

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Re: XPS 15 9550 PL Throttling

Did you figure out what to do about this?  I used to have a fantastic machine.  Had great performance since the end of 2015, but I absent mindedly installed some update last week and now my machine throttles like temps don't get over 65, and my machine at full tilt with similar modifications to yours prior would run just under 80.

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