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XPS 15 9550 swollen battery - Refused service

I have an XPS 15 9550 that an employee was using with a Thunderbolt dock exclusively. She recently left and gave me back the laptop, and it has the swollen battery issue with track pad pushed up. I have read there was a battery replacement program, so even though it was out of warranty I assumed it would be replaced.

Unfortunately, the rep with his heavy accent told me the swollen battery issue was fixed with a software upgrade (?!?!?) in October and I would have to pay for a replacement. He refused to let me speak to a manger also. Is this true? I did not know this was even an issue until she gave me the laptop back and I researched it.

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Re: XPS 15 9550 swollen battery - Refused service

Probably you misunderstood the rep because of this heavy accent. The issue wasn't fixed with a software update, but the replacement program was terminated. AFAIK it was only for a certain batch of batteries. Though, the response to the swollen batteries was highly incoherent, anywhere from total denial to free replacements out of warranty. At this age, a battery is not unexpected to fail, though I believe swelling without a warning is inexcusable, and a fire hazard. You should drain the battery slowly (laptop idling on battery), then get it out ASAP, the laptop should work on charger without the battery. Problem is, Dell often don't have batteries even if you don't mind paying, or only offer refurbs (!?!?!?!?!). 

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Re: XPS 15 9550 swollen battery - Refused service

Thank you for your message. There was a battery replacement program for this model & there was email sent & calls made to the registered owners about the replacement. This program ended in September 2018, the batteries were replaced even if the warranty had expired.

A certain batch of the batteries was affected & they have been replaced. I am afraid this option is no longer available unless the system is under warranty. If the warranty has expired, you will need to purchase a replacement battery.

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