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XPS 15 9550 will not post or boot

So I let my sister use my laptop, she left it on but put it in a sleeve/case and it overheated like crazy because the fans started spinning to cool it down but there was no air to move around in the sleeve so it only got hotter and hotter.  Afterwards, it worked completely fine still, but now a week later, it will not run on at all.

The light on the power button is always on, the laptop makes no noise at all, nothing shows on the screen, and when I press or hold the button for 30-60 seconds nothing happens.  No matter what, the laptop shows no sign of life except the power button light.  Nothing turns on in the laptop and the light on the power button is always on. Power + d does nothing.  The only time the light turns off is when I unplug the battery and unplug the charger too (the light will stay on when the charger is plugged in even when the battery is unplugged).  I am thinking the battery is fried, but I do not see anything visibly wrong, corroded or burnt.  Please share anything that might help. Thank you!


Edit: Possibly stuck in sleep mode? Also, the charging light under the trackpad on the front never turns on when plugged in.

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Re: XPS 15 9550 will not post or boot

If you're comfortable opening computer, I'd suggest reseating battery to see if it will get computer up and running again.

1. Remove all peripherals, AC adapter, battery from system,  and then press ' Power On' button for 15 seconds to drain the residual power.

2. Replace battery, adapter, power on, hopefully computer runs normally

If reseating battery doesn't fix the computer, I suggest reseating Memory(Ram). The computer has two SODIMM slots. In the link below, please read service manual thoroughly before removing any parts.


Please watch video below to get a better view of the battery and memory.

Dell XPS 15-9550 (P56F001) RAM Memory How-To Video Tutorial



Dell XPS 15-9550 video repair tutorial was brought to you by http://www.parts-people.com SHOP FOR DELL XPS 15-9550 PARTS: XPS 15-9550 RAM Memory: http://ppci...