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XPS 15 9560 TPM Provider not found issue

Hi all,

I'm having trouble using bitlocker. I recently disabled bitlocker before upgrading BIOS to 1.19.2.

I'm running the following setup:

Dell XPS 15 9560
Windows 10 Pro

I got TPM & Secure boot enabled in BIOS:

0 Bios enabled - Annotation 2020-07-26 131654.png0 Secure boot enabled.png


Running TPM.MSC gives the following:

1 tpm msc.png


Trying to enable bitlocker on C: gives this:

2 enable bitlocker failed.png

Viewing the TPM module in device manager shows no warnings or errors:

3 hardware manager.png

I re-installed Windows 10 multiple times. Using Legacy-BIOS mode and UEFI mode, both no succes. Current install is Windows 10 Pro UEFI mode. These are the specs:

4 device and windows specifications.png

Looking at the Security Provider Details in the Windows Settings, I get this information. It seems it is missing the Manufacturer and the Attestation? See print-screen:

5 security provider details.png

I have downloaded and applied all SupportAssist and Windows 10 updates, see the following two print-screens:

6 SupportAssist is up to date.png7 Windows Up-to-date.png

Running PowerShell GET-TPM command shows the following:

8 Get Tpm in powershell.png

I reviewed all existing issues and the Dell Support Most Common TPM document. But they don't seem to cover this explicit issue:

- It's available and enabled in BIOS;
- it's visible in device manager and showing no exceptions.

I tried to revert to a lower BIOS version (1.18, 1.16 and 1.12). But ever since 1.19.2 Windows won't reboot normally. Every time I choose "restart" or an installation processes tries to restart, the device shutsdown. It wont come back to life. So I need to push the power button to start the machine again. I've checked that the Fast Reboot option is disabled:

9 reboot issue with Turn on Fast Startup.png


Does any one got some advice on how to probably fix this? I will take all suggestions :).

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