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XPS 15 9560, fan problem and solution

Hey Everyone. I was searching around for about 11 months of this fan problem, and last night I finally found the answer! So, a lot of people have been having problems with the fans always ramping up and being loud when the computer is on, and I even had the problem. A lot of "solutions" were that Dell just made it as is. But here is the solution to what so many people had problems with.

Step 1:

In the search bar, search for "edit power plan". Once you are there, we can move onto step 2

Step 2:

In Edit Power Plan, go to the blue text saying, "Change advanced power settings"

Step 3:

In the list you will open up, you should see, "Processor power management". Open that.

Step 4:

When in the tab, open "System cooling policy"

Step 5:

When in "System cooling policy" click onto the blue text next to "Plugged in" and hit "Passive"
Click Apply and OK

Step 6:
Read this


Congrats! Your fans now won't annoy you with how loud they are, and now you can use your computer in silence. They will of course ramp up when you are playing high-end games, for general use, silent as a worm on the ground.

I hope this helps! - MrAMRAAM

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Re: XPS 15-9560, Fan problem, solution

It had no effect. Fan Noise continues unabated. The fact that Dell did not solve such a problem on such a device is a disgrace ... I just want to sell it because of this problem. I have a very old mac computer. works with zero sound. I regret that I bought Dell. I have a serious headache when I work for a long time. The only reason is the fan sound ...

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Re: XPS 15-9560, Fan problem, solution

Completwly agree. I've been struggling with this problem almost as soon as I've bought mine in April 2017, the problem goes away and comes back at regular intervals without me understanding why (new drivers could cause problems too ?) It becomes impossible to work in an open space and causes headaches it is very annoying

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