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XPS 15 9560, graphics driver faulty

Hey everyone!

I’ve had my XPS for 2 years now and it’s been running great until this 2020.

In the beginning of the year, I updated most of my drivers, including the BIOS, and at first it was fine until I noticed I kept having a pop up every startup about the “TPM device not found” thing. I didn’t mind it at first since I don’t know how to deal with it (I ended up rolling back my BIOS to a 2019 version on February 2020)

Though this January, that’s when I had my first BSOD. At first I thought it was normal, until I kept getting it 2-5 times a day. The crashes will either be BSODs or a flickering screen.

The error codes kept on changing too. As I researched the error codes, most of them had something to do with faulty drivers. I tried updating every drivers I had but nothing happened. 

So I decided to reformat my whole laptop on April 2020, only to see that I still had the same problem.

I’ve made research and it has something to do with my Intel driver, so I tried to delete and reinstall all of my graphics driver, yet the problem still persists.

Is there a way to fix this? Because I doubt the problem has something to do with my motherboard since there are times my laptop can run for hours without a problem and I’m not the only one who gets this problem.



BIOS - Dell Inc. 1.15.0, May 23, 2019

Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 -

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 -

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