XPS 15 9560 swelling 97wh battery 6GTPY

So about a 2-3 weeks ago my warranty expired for my XPS 15 9560 (97wh battery).  About 1-1.5 weeks ago my battery went from operating normally to not charging.  Upon investigating I realized it was swelling,  I immediately looked for a dell replacement battery but was surprised to find that dell wasn't selling replacements for it, and from reading threads elsewhere I gathered that there were stock shortages. I could be mistaken about no OEM replacements, but due to expired warranty dell support doesn't seem to want to talk to me, without renewing my warranty.  I've since tried a 3rd party battery, to realize that dell has prevented that.   

So right now I am with a top of the line laptop where it looks like I can't get an OEM battery or use a 3rd party battery to replace a defective swelling battery.  Any suggestions?  

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Re: XPS 15 9560 swelling 97wh battery 6GTPY

hopefully you get a dell rep on here to help (good luck)  I know that we had some bulging batteries here at work and Dell had some double top secret recall on them--we had to pry to get the info and to get them replaced.


Re: XPS 15 9560 swelling 97wh battery 6GTPY

Hopefully, I know about the soft recall on the 9550, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was a secret 9560 recall given the lack of OEM replacements.

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Re: XPS 15 9560 swelling 97wh battery 6GTPY

I also have the xps 15 9650, and the trackpad is now starting to lift up above the palm rest, and the computer fan is running after a while with the computer just idling.  I'm pretty sure this is a very similar battery buldge issue similar to what is described with the 9550 recall.

Dell Service tech would not honor the 9550 recall for my 9650.  So now I am looking for a replacement battery, which appears to not be available from Dell.

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Re: XPS 15 9560 swelling 97wh battery 6GTPY

These batteries aren't sold online through Dell, but are through Dell Spare Parts (phone only - in the US, 


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Re: XPS 15 9560 swelling 97wh battery 6GTPY

Good to know about the parts phone number.

Mine was Ok in the morning and swelling in the afternoon.  No physical reason for the change.... I'm hoping get them to accept it as part of the "super secret" replacement program.