XPS 15 9560 w/ 256GB **bleep** SSD....looking to upgrade

I have a new Dell XPS 15 (not the infinity edge display) with the i7 7700 processor, currently 256GB **bleep** SSD, and upgraded to 32GB RAM.  I've been wanting to upgrade my SSD to as large as possible (cost effectively though).  I originally purchased a 1TB SSD (SATA) drive from Crucial.com and found out that I should have purchased the NVMe PCIe M.2 drive, instead.  I've found that the NVMe PCIe SSDs are much more expensive (duh) than the SATA drives.  

Is the SATA drive somehow compatible to my laptop?  If so, is that located underneath/inside the battery pack location?  If it is compatible, what's better to upgrade (if I had to choose between the SATA and NVMe drive due to cost)?


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