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XPS 15-9570, Audio crackling and popping

I have an issue that renders the audio on this laptop unusable.

I have a new XPS 9570, and occasionally (I stress that word because 75% of the time there is no issue) when playing audio, either through the built in speakers or through the audio jack, there is a loud popping and crackling noise that accompanies the audio. This renders any audio generated by the laptop unusable.

Because the issue is not always present, it is very hard to debug since you can't know if the issue was actually fixed, or just temporarily gone.

Testing I have done thus far:

When playing a continuous tone, such as generated by<TOU> , the issue is still present.

The crackling and popping increases with system volume, so if I turn the volume up on the laptop, the crackling becomes louder.

I have reflashed the BIOS to the newest version, uninstalled realtek, reinstalled realtek, disabled wave-maxx-audio (or whatever it is called), and tried using the built in windows drivers. Nothing has worked.

And note that when playing from bluetooth, there is no issue. So it is not a software issue in that way.

Very disappointing that on such an amazing laptop (it truly is amazing), an integral part of it is basically useless.

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I got mine 1 week ago, and I'm affected by this issue.

Somehow seems random, but time to time it happens when I'm playing and stopping audio several times.

Hope we can find a solution to this.




Hi All


I'm writing from Italy and I 've the same poblem, the technical support changed the motherboard and the speaker but the issue is still there :-(

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I just wanted to say that I've found a workaround that essentially fixes the issue.

On my machine, the crackling rarely occurs, most of the time it is fine. So when the issue does appear, I simply do this: right click on the speaker icon in windows, and toggle the "Spatial Sound (Windows Sonic for Headphones)" and the issue goes away for a few hours. While it is annoying to do this, I have to do it so infrequently that I don't really consider it a problem anymore.

I hope that this solution works for other people as well.


Hi BWG, thanks for tips, but do you mean that you "activate" the windows spatial and after a couple of hours the issue comeback?

Thanks in advance for clarification



That's not a fix, that's a workaround.

I also do something similar, by disabling and enabling again the Playback device.



If I right-click the audio icon in the windows tray, right below the "Open Volume Mixer" option is an option that either says "Spatial Sound (Off)" or "Spatial Sound (Windows Sonic for Headphones)", if you click that option and change whatever setting it is on to the other setting, your audio will shut off for a second, then turn back on. Then for me, it is fixed for a while. After a while the crackling invariably returns but it takes a few hours.

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I have the same issue.  I requested a replacement laptop and I'm having the same issue with the new one.  If this isn't solved I'm probably just going to return my system for a refund.




I'm currently talking to Dell regarding a replacement, but have also realized that many people seem affected and a replacement would probably persist the same issue. 

I've tried updating and reinstalling the audio drivers with no luck. Really love the laptop, but it's a major let-down. Let me know how it goes. They told me they'd schedule an appointment with an engineer to overlook the laptop, so I'm considering doing that and seeing if they find some software issue that is an easy fix. The more people we have write to them the more likely they'll develop an update for everyone to use. 


This temporary fix works. Dell, when is there going to be a proper fix? This laptop has been out for months.

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