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XPS 15-9570, BIOS 1.3.0, sleep mode gone?

I just bought my XPS 15-9570 with BIOS 1.2.2 installed, and I updated it to BIOS 1.3.0. I realized that the "sleep mode" option is now gone. I need to set this to "Force S3" sleep to prevent the laptop from waking up randomly, or don't go to sleep properly. So can I do that in the new BIOS?



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just installed last BIOS update, S3 mode is not available.

This is so stupid!..why can't we have a technology that is more than 10 years old on a new laptop?! WHY!?!?

Dear Dell, less carbon fiber, more effective technology PLEASE! First time a dell user, and already thinking at my next laptop...can't believe this <profane>!


I bought this laptop in cyber monday, I always use the updated drivers .. and when I updated them immediately I realized that the battery was starting to consume too much with the laptop closed .. the fans are still working when I keep it in my bag, I do not know how long they are working. But I know that when I'm going to use it again, I open the screen and it does not wake up, I press any key and it does not wake up either. I have to press the power button and wait for it to charge. It is as if it were a way of hibernation.

for anyone who wants the s3 sleep back. Just return and refund your devices. Dell will not fix it because they don't find it as a problem and they don't care about the users. Common users don't understand this problem so the minority will be ignored.


Wow this is incredibly respectless treatment of your customers. If you read through the thread you definitely see that the people here has technical knowledge, and yet you dismiss their complaint with an obviously insufficient answer. I just got my xps15 today, and I am considering returning it because of this issue. 


Dell has decided to support the "Modern Standby" from our partner Microsoft. If you decide you wish to use S3 instead of Modern Standby, you can attempt to install an older BIOS, but Dell cannot assist in this.


They should downgrade all the way to 1.2.2. But this is not possible? Dell has blocked the BIOS downgrade starting at 1.4.0.

Dell Technologies

Hi mark1985,

Thanks for your observation.  

My information was from KB Article SLN314237, The article states:  As XPS 9570/Precision 5530 is modern standby supported platform, S3 mode is not officially supported per platform design. Refer to the Microsoft support site for the behavior difference between S3 and Modern standby.  Please guide the customer to apply the BIOS 1.5.0 from Dell support site.  For those systems with Force Sleep enabled and then applied the BIOS 1.5.0, the system would be capable to run S3.  

Since you've said this isn't working, I'll let the engineers know.  Thanks.


> Dell has decided to support the "Modern Standby" from our partner Microsoft.

Also, I guess few people would be complaining over this if Modern Standby wouldn't have obvious issues, such as consuming battery charge much faster; the laptop not actually appearing to enter sleep upon transition; the supposedly-sleeping laptop running hot.

As a part-time sysadmin I can't recommend our users to buy Dell laptops knowing that sleep is broken and hibernation isn't reliable either. Many of our users tend to use a desktop with many open windows so it isn't practical to make a shutdown every day. It is perfectly clear to me that these issues are difficult to debug, but it is also obvious that Dell isn't paying enough attention. Lenovo did re-enable S3 sleep after user complaints. 


Hi Robert,

The 9570 does not go into a proper sleep mode!

This is very dangerous, I put it in my bag to take the train and when I got back to a desk I found it very hot and melted the chocolate I had in the bag!

Dell, your hardware supports s3 as previous Bios confirmed, why don't you simply give the user the option in Bios? Just set it off by default if you prefer the user not to use it but removing it from Bios is such a shame considering that the laptop could damage itself and even the customer  

This, plus the audio latency problem (it's impossible to make music or videos, Fank Azor told us a team is working but no news) and the gpu throttling bug (at last Dell officially admitted it and said they're working on new Bios to fix it) ..

Please let us know if engineers will fix those three BIG problems in next Bios update

Plus, the screen is often misglued to the lid, mine too. Where is even a basic QC?

A very good laptop ends up forcing the user to return it back and spread the voice, "do not buy Dell laptops anymore folks"

My two cents,

Thank you 


I have the same problem with the Dell XPS 15 9570, since I upgraded to the BIOS 1.6 version. When I close the laptop, the fans remain on, but let's say that is not critical. What worries me is that many times I take the laptop out of my bag and it's too hot.

I have not read much about Modern Standby, but I think it would work better on desktops.

Dell when you made the decision to remove the S3 state and leave the Modern Standby. I wonder if they tried to close the laptop and put it in a bag immediately? Does the laptop overheat? Is it practical?

Enable S3 mode, while improving the status of Modern Standby.

Luis Toro

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