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XPS 15-9570, BIOS 1.3.0, sleep mode gone?

I just bought my XPS 15-9570 with BIOS 1.2.2 installed, and I updated it to BIOS 1.3.0. I realized that the "sleep mode" option is now gone. I need to set this to "Force S3" sleep to prevent the laptop from waking up randomly, or don't go to sleep properly. So can I do that in the new BIOS?



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I put my in a neoprene sleeve as usual... It almost melted! This "modern standby" is a DELL/MICROSOFT pyromaniac featury. I'M VERY FRUSTRATED!

With this machine you have two options as power management: ON and OFF, ON when you are using (screen on), OFF when you are not using, thats becouse you must to turn off you XPS or it will dren the battery and turn off by it self, in this case  maybe you have a oven in your bag. Forget everything about start a job, take a break closing the lid and restart the job next day just opening the lid. this is not trustable at XPS 9570.


Have been struggling with my 9570 for months now. Have been religiously following BIOS releases hoping for a fix. A laptop is not a phone, I don't want it to behave like one. I've found mine uncomfortably hot, with fans spinning at 100% numerous times after putting it to sleep + into my bag. The "modern standby" has made sleep completely unusable for me. My workload now includes shutting the machine down or hibernating it every time I need to move - even if the laptop is unused for a few minutes, I dont trust it not to wake up in my bag. This "feature" makes the XPS unusable in my daily life. What makes it even worse, is that the BIOS POST time is ridiculously long too, meaning every time I power it on, it takes like 30 seconds to boot into Windows. Kudos DELL for ignoring the issue for so long. What an amazing laptop would this be, if it could sleep...

Same here, both on my XPS 9570 and 9370... Can't be true for their best models. Should be fixed soon.

I will be Tweeting them to hopefully get some attention.


The models are modern standby systems.  They do not normally sleep but stay in a low power mode which should not cause them to heat up.  Bluetooth devices can bring them out of modern standby and cause some problems.

The systems with an 8th generation processor seem to have more capabilities regarding functionality in Modern Standby than the 7th generation processors.

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Don't care, sleep does not work. Period. Users should not have to worry whether its modern or S3 or whatever.

Fact is, the <profane> thing keeps waking, spinning fans and using power hence heating up inside a bag. Whoever did QC or ignored the QC reports <attacking>

This is not even mentioning the fact that most people DO NOT WANT their laptop to act like a smartphone. But regardless, at least when it sleeps, MAKE SURE IT STAYS ASLEEP. 

Not impressed re: this issue or the GPU cold throttle issue (at least the latter is promised a BIOS fix, but then again, it was INTRODUCED by 1.6, again, who the heck is testing these releases).

As it is the unit is just buggy enough to be frustrating (without bothering to do a full return). Will be going back to ThinkPad at this rate next time.


I've been waffling between the X1 extreme and the i9 xps. And if you search Lenovo's forum there's a few posts from a couple of days ago detailing horrendous support. Enough to make me think twice. That and my Mum has been using her Vostro for years and we've had no issues with my wife's Inspiron 5000. I guess these days it's a bit of luck. But I'm thinking Dell for me.


I thought my bag was on fire when I picked it up in the morning. Everything in it was overheated. This feels like an exploding Samsung Note debacle just waiting to happen.


Hi @robert p

  How can achieve this in Ubuntu 18.10 ?

  It drains the battery if I "sleep" the laptop during 2-3 days, and even it is warm. I am worried this can cause a fire at home.


Thanks forehand

Rafael Rios


Hi Rafael,


Try this from the Ubuntu Forum.

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