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XPS 15 9570, BIOS update installed, battery issue

I am seeing sudden drop in my battery capacity since last bios update. Battery health says that it is just 9% and on Windows, even after the battery is exhausted and 0% remaining is displayed, XPS continues to work over hour and half.

I suspect the firmware has some issue - need advice on how to reset the battery to report correct capacity.


NIRSOFT BatteryInfoView

Description Value
Battery Name DELL GPM0365
Manufacture Name SMP
Serial Number 59
Manufacture Date
Power State Charging, AC Power
Current Capacity (in %) 98.9%
Current Capacity Value 9,154 mWh
Full Charged Capacity 9,257 mWh
Designed Capacity 97,003 mWh
Battery Health 9.5%
Voltage 12,449 millivolts
Charge/Discharge Rate 5,746 milliwatts
Chemistry Lithium Ion
Low Battery Capacity (1) 2,930 mWh
Low Battery Capacity (2) 9,690 mWh
Critical Bias
Number of charge/discharge cycles 0
Battery Temperature
Remaining battery time for the current activity (Estimated)
Full battery time for the current activity (Estimated)
Remaining time for charging the battery (Estimated)
Total time for charging the battery (Estimated)

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