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XPS 15, 9570 Freezing problem and Pulsating fan problem


I just got my XPS 9570 3 months ago and it started to freeze. There were couple times that the laptop froze in the last months but now the laptop freezes every time I use the laptop. I scanned my laptop in SupportAssist and all tests came out clean. However, when I checked the history, there were a couple red texts that states "Hardware Scan Result(Manual) - Full scan - Abnormal Exit: Video Card - Abnormal Exit". I did another test which resulted in "Hardware Scan Result(Manual) - BSOD - No Device: Video Card- No Device". I don't know if this is the reason for the freezing though. Do you guys have any suggestion? Another thing issue with this laptop is with pulsating fans. There are times that I dont do anything intensive; however, the fan keeps turning on/off in 1 second intervals.

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Thank you 

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Re: XPS 15, 9570 Freezing problem and Pulsating fan problem


Click the links below for resolving freezing and fan issues with your laptop.

System locks up, freezes or an error occurs.


How to Troubleshoot Fan Issues


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