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XPS 15 9570 - Not resuming from sleep

Hi there,

i know that there are some threads reporting the problem, but my hope is that by creating this new thread anyone of the moderators can come to guide me and other people with the same problem.

So at the moment every time i set my laptop to sleep and then few hours later when i try to resume it, it does not come back. No lights show up. I need to hold the power button for 10-15sec to turn it off and then turn it on again via power button. I tried to update the drivers, but all the drivers are installed and no updates available. So any idea how can i diagnose and solve this problem?


Thank you.

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Hibernation automatically starts after a long idle period to save on battery. It requires a brief press of the power button to wake it. It looks like it is rebooting and takes a few seconds longer to start but all open programs and files will still be there. When hibernating the power button light is off.

You can adjust it or turn it off. Right click on the Start Button and open Power Options, Advanced Settings, Change plan to change or turn it off.


Hi Mary. I have my laptop over one year, and i have been using it the same way as i did previously. This is an issue that i am facing in the last few months, so i did not have this issue before. I usually put my laptop on sleep mode when i am doing a break from it. and then i try to come back to use it, and i face this issue. I do a brief press of the power button, as i used to do before, and nothing happens, even if i wait for few minutes. So, today i just enabled the hibernate option, since before it was disabled, and my settings in my power plan is to never hibernate on battery or in-charge. So i would say it is not a case of the computer hibernating, right?

Thank you.


So for your information, i just enabled Hibernate option on my laptop, and now if i use the Hibernate option, it all works well. But the Sleep does not work at all. As i said, i have been using the laptop with sleep option over 1 year, and everything worked fine. The only difference now is that i ran some updates from Dell Support to update some drivers, and also i ran some updates on the Windows Update, one or two months ago. And from that time, i started to face this issues.

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I have had this problem since around that year. At the time I reached out to support and the proposed solution was to fully reinstall the machine. To me it sounded like a "lazy" proposal from support (which I did not renew). Living with the problem, but not getting a new Dell anytime soon.

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