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XPS 15-9570, Premier Color, issues with banding


I own a XPS 15 9570 with the 4k display option.

I am experiencing some really annoying color gradient issues for a while now.

For the first time, about half a Year ago all out of the sudden my Laptop started do have a really bad color representation, unsaturated blacks and color banding. After searching for a solution for a while I decided to reset my windows 10 Pro.

After that the Issues were gone, up until yesterday it suddenly reappeared. not knowing it better I tried to reinstall all kind of graphics drivers, but It didn't helped either. So i decided to reset the Windows again.

After having done that the Issue was gone again.

But today, it reappeared. I was opening the Dell premier color application (preinstalled) and the banding and discoloring reappeared. Although the app settings were set to default (brilliant). Though I don't know if it is connected.

I assume it is some mess with the Color Profiles settings however I am tired of reinstalling windows every time! And now really looking for a real solution.

It clearly appears to be an software related Issue, at least from my understanding. 

Is there Somebody who can help me out with this?

Thanks in advance



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Hi guys, I am a bit late to the party but wanted to share my experience with this.

I have been having this issue since June. Went through extensive troubleshooting, new windows installation and countless video adapter driver installations. The only thing that fixed the issue was when I uninstalled all adapter drivers and left it with the Windows base driver. This fixed the colour issue but it renders the machine almost useless, as the frame rate of any multimedia goes out the window. 
The last thing that support resorted to doing is to replace the video adapter (motherboard). This did not do anything to fix the problem at all. 

My observations show that this is not a Premier Colour issue, rather an Intel Graphics issue, however Dell Support have been unable to resolve for all those months, nor are they acknowledging there is a common issue, when clearly it is very common. They have to work on the drivers and release new ones that resolve this issue - it was clearly not there in the beginning when I got the machine. 

Below is a picture of my XPS (left) paused on the same frame of the same video with my old company Dell Latitude (right). 20190925_122042.jpg

I have exactly the same problem, severe banding especially in dark areas. Below is a screenshot of a 0-30 grey gradient. The screen only shows 7 shades of the 30. This is seriously bad. Any dark scenes in movies are also unwatchable. It looks like a 90s gif.

Would really like an update on this.



I found a temporary workaround for it.

You'll have to uninstall Premier Color, uninstall the Intel Graphics driver from the Device Manager, and then reinstall the Driver from Dells Website.

Just never open up Premier Color again, better not download it.

But that is no real Fix, and just a Workaround that leads into less Functionality of the PC!

The same happen for me !

I just buy a new XPS 7590 with 4k UHD display and the banding is just unbearable !!!!

Please Dell do something or I'll be obliged to return it !

Guess we all are.

I have reported it to dell multiple times in the span of last Year, and I always thought I was the only one experiencing this Issue. Now that I know it is an at least occasionally appearing Issue I am just disapointed as well

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I have the same problem and I don't know how to sove it! I have tried all the drives aviable... It was an expensive computer, and I am very disappointed... ,A04


the newest from Dell's Website.

Even tried to factory reset Windows, did not help.


What version of driver have you installed on the UHD 630 card? I have the same problem here. I fixed it once, but the problem returned maybe because Premiere Color and now i can't fix it anymore.

I really do hope so!

Just have had Problems with this Software in the Past. From not installing correctly, to refusing to install at all, and to messing up all the Colors.

However from the Excahnge with the Dell Customer Support, I had the Impression Dell just don't cares. I even felt sorry for the Support Engineer who admitted to me, he never even had heared or been briefed about this piece of Software before.

I was given the Promice of these Issues beeing escelated now twice, and never heard back from anything. Guess I'll just have to live with it.

Same problem here. Question to Dell: are you working to fix the issue with Premier Color, so the color banding problem would be solved with an updated version of the programme? Thanks!
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