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XPS 15-9570, Premier Color, issues with banding


I own a XPS 15 9570 with the 4k display option.

I am experiencing some really annoying color gradient issues for a while now.

For the first time, about half a Year ago all out of the sudden my Laptop started do have a really bad color representation, unsaturated blacks and color banding. After searching for a solution for a while I decided to reset my windows 10 Pro.

After that the Issues were gone, up until yesterday it suddenly reappeared. not knowing it better I tried to reinstall all kind of graphics drivers, but It didn't helped either. So i decided to reset the Windows again.

After having done that the Issue was gone again.

But today, it reappeared. I was opening the Dell premier color application (preinstalled) and the banding and discoloring reappeared. Although the app settings were set to default (brilliant). Though I don't know if it is connected.

I assume it is some mess with the Color Profiles settings however I am tired of reinstalling windows every time! And now really looking for a real solution.

It clearly appears to be an software related Issue, at least from my understanding. 

Is there Somebody who can help me out with this?

Thanks in advance



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Try this, uninstall D P C. Then search in task bar, type color management then in the devices tab, find profiles and reset my settings to system defaults. And then in the end update Intel graphic card and reboot the system.

BTW if you install the latest driver it will be a D C H driver so you will have to install Intel graphic controller in Microsoft store. once installed go to the display tab, color settings and under color settings disable color accuracy.

I'm on Dell X P S 15 9560 that once had severe banding issues but now it seems like it has fixed it. The gradation is smooth.

*Optional* Ah yes don't forget to calibrate your display using external color calibration like X-Rite color calibrator

s p y d e r data color to get the best out of this system

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I found a solution, first set you color profile as you lik it (adobe rgb for example)

then go to intel graphics control centre then go to display -> color settings ->  color gamma

move the switch several times to left en right  and the banding is gone if u use the settings living colors (to the right) 

mathijs jansen from the netherlands


This clearly did not Work for me!

I still get Banding, thou less, and I have a bad green tint.


Please uncheck this as a Solution!


this solution also didn't work for me


To the administrators or Mr. Jansen himself.

Please uncheck your Reply as a Solution. This clearly does not work for everybody and just holds back any more attention about this Case and Issue.


Thanks a lot


Has anybody found something new out?


I can confirm this worked for me.

Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel>Color Settings>Color Gamut>Vivid Colors.


I've since moved on to Linux. But earlier this year I fixed the banding on Windows with a different method to this. I cannot remember the name of the software, but here in New Zealand our 7590s are shipped with an additional app for adjusting display.

It is a dark themed app with snowy mountains in the background.

If you can find that, it has some kind of color scheme toggle that fixes the banding.

I hope you guys find it



I found the application:

*Install the Intel Graphics Command Center from the Microsoft Store

*Uninstall the Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel

*Within the Intel Graphics Command Center navigate to:

Display>Color>Restore to Original Colors


Goodbye Banding. You're welcome.


Thank you so much!


this works a lot faster then reinstalling the driver.

However at least for me its only a temporary fix. as soon as I reboot or change any settings in premier color the banding reappears.


There seems to be a real nasty bug in this software



try to uninstall Dell Premiere Color. It works for me.

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