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XPS 15 9570 - Problems with USB keyboard

Hi, I have a problem with the USB keyboard connected with the docking station (DELL D3100) of my XPS 15 9570.

First of all:
I already replaced the keyboard and the docking station but the problem still persists.
I also updated all drivers to the latest version and I've installed the latest BIOS version.

When typing on the USB keyboard every few words the input freezes and afterwards the last pressed key appears multipleeeeeeeeeeeeee times.

Has anybody faced the same or similar problems and is able to help me?

Thanks and regards.

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Thanks for sharing the issue!! Same problem at me. Tried everything. Reinstalled Windows completely. Installed numerous BIOS updated and all other updates over the time. Problem occurs at home with external keyboard. Problem occurs at work when external keyboard is attached via Thunderbold docking station. Filed already a service request four month ago. The problem persissssssssssssts :-((( Will try your advice with the C-State. Sounds a reasonable explanation for what's going on.

Same problem, but it was only happening when I was connecting to an external device using USB-to-serial adapters, such as Arduino or Atmel development boards (I'm in electronics engineering). The USB keyboard and mouse would freeze periodically and sometimes disconnect/reconnect. As soon as I terminated the serial session, they would work normally. I updated BIOS firmware, various drivers, Windows registry tweaks, etc, to no avail. It seems disabling the C-State and/or the Thunderbolt Auto-switching is the fix. (I did both at the same time.) So these are definitely on the right track. By the way, it doesn't matter if the keyboard/mouse is plugged directly into the laptop, an external USB hub, or in my D6000 docking station. All combinations were susceptible to the problem.
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Hi, recently I upgraded my xps 15 9550 with xps 15 9570. I have docking station WD15 (180W). I have same issues with keyboard and mouse, mouse cursor sometimes freezes when I move mouse and then reappears at different place. Keyboard issues are missing keystrokes(aka kerd insead of keyboard) or reapeated letter(aka keyboarddddddddd ). I had none of this issues on xps 15 9550. I happens randomly, maybe few times in 10 minutes.
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same issue! is there a solution? 

Mine is doing the exact same thing (external keyboard)-- have tried multiple keyboards, with or without usb hubs, updated all the software, including firmware, erased windows and reinstalled, Dell has even replaced the motherboard yesterday and same issue.


My issue really comes out with an external monitor and the dell xps lid closed.  Keyvboooooooooooooooooo) will do that -- and may or may not even detttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect an input

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