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XPS 15 9570 - Strange battery behavior


I noticed a strange and annoying behaviour of my battery.

If I shut down the computer when it still has about 40-50% battery charge and boot up again the next day, the battery has only about 5-6% battery charge left. This is really annoying, it jumps from 40-50% to 5-6% within a few seconds.

I have created a battery report: Battery Report Download 

And it seems that the battery never had its designed capacity 😞

Is the battery just worn out or might there be another issue related to that heavy drain when after shutting down?

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Mary G
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Re: XPS 15 9570 - Strange battery behavior

If it is the original battery is probably wearing out.--


Today's batteries do not last as long as older models since the design has been changed. Be careful about replacing batteries. Lots of scams online with batteries. You need a genuine Dell battery from Dell or Dell Parts which might not be available. If you can't find a replacement from Dell, remove the battery when it dies and use the adapter alone. You should check the battery for any signs of trouble.

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