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XPS 15 9570, Windows 10, dwm.exe, GPU overload

Hi everyone,

I am having serious problems with my Dell XPS 15 9570 and Windows 10.

Windows Desktop Manager (dwm.exe) doesn't use the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti, rather it uses the Intel UHD Graphics 630 causing the GPU overloading of the latter one.

I have frequent peaks even when I switch from a window to another and I have to stop any activity. 

 No setting in the Nvidia Control Panel or the Windows graphic settings have worked to me. I even tried to create a new user, but it doesn't change the situation. 

Any suggestion would be extremely appreciated.


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I had this problem with my Dell Precision 5530. The problem occurred when I started an engineering software (MATLAB) on the laptop. The software was assigned to run on the NVIDIA GPU by default. I changed the default setting to run it on Intel integrated graphics (it's possible to change this by right-clicking on the EXE-file or you can also change it in the NVIDIA control panel). As a "quick and dirty" solution you can disable the NVIDIA GPU in device manager, but this might cause some issues later (in my case the software stopped opening and I needed to clear some cache to cope with this). Not sure if this suggestion can help for games, but for my specific engineering software it did.

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I have the same issue on my XPS 15 7590, but I noticed it only occurs when working with the Dell Docking-Station. 

So my setup is:

2x 1920x1080 Displays connected to a Dell Docking Station WD19TB.

XPS 15 7950 connected to it by Thunderbolt. 

If my laptop is closed and I work with the two external displays my internal GPU runs into 100% utilization due to "Destop Window Manager", when having some "heavy" load running (Video Conference,..). Everything lags and it's virtually impossible to work. The nvidia card is doing close to nothing.

If my laptop is open, and therefore working with the two external displays and the internal as well, my internal GPU utilization drops to 15%, the nvidia card starts doing stuff and everything runs smoothly. It seems when the laptop is closed it tries to minimize power consumption, because it's more difficult to cool itself when closed. 

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type cmd in search box (that is next to the start icon lower left of screen). Hold shift and ctrl, then hit enter after  'command promtp' shows up highlighted. Click yes on the administrative command prompt dialog box, and on command prompt type fsc/scannow. if there is a corrupted file causing the issue, this should clear and repair the problem


I'm having the exact same issues as others in this thread.  I've tried absolutely everything, uninstalling & reinstalling both Nvidia and Intel drivers.  I've uninstalled recent windows updates as well, nothing works.

I haven't reformatted yet, but that's the only thing I have left that I haven't tried.

I tried sfc /scannow, it found issues that it repaired, but I'm still dealing with the same issues, Desktop Window Manager takes over all resources and brings the computer to a crawl.

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I have exactly the same issue with my Precision 5530. I have both the UHD 630 and the Nvidia Quadro P2000. Running Revit, or even screensharing on MS Teams will cause the UHD 630 GPU to get overloaded and makes the system extremely laggy. The Quadro GPU typically hovers around 6-10% while the Intel GPU usage is close to 80%.

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I had this problem for a long time thinking it was a software issue. Turns out, my laptop was just overheating and cleaning the dust near the fans made the trick.

Hopefully this helps.

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