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XPS 15 9570, Windows 1809: no bluetooth, no bluetooth in device manager after wake from sleep

Hi. I've got an XPS 15 9570, updated with the latest firmware and Windows updates. Currently that's Windows 10 Pro build 1809, firmware from XPS_9570_01_08_01.exe, and the bluetooth device drivers from Killer-Wireless-AC-1525-1535-1435-Bluetooth-Driver_VP1XV_WIN_10.0.0.709_A10.EXE. These are the latest version of the relevant drivers from the Dell support site for my service tag. I've also run both Dell Update and Windows Update multiple times; they show no outdated drivers.

What I'm seeing is that Windows can't seem to detect any Bluetooth devices on my system. The little icon under the notification center shows "Not Connected" and I'm unable to get it to do anything when I click it, and when I open Device Manager, I don't have a "bluetooth" section present at all.

Everything was working fine when I last used the laptop on Friday, but when I returned to it this morning I couldn't use my mouse or headphones.

I've read a variety of other posts about this topic but nothing I've tried has helped. In particular, I did go into the BIOS and turned Bluetooth off and on from there, but it didn't seem to have any effect.

I'm at a loss now. Anyone have any advice?

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After a frustrating afternoon of trying to troubleshooting this, the bluetooth has now magically reappeared. I think the only thing I did that hadn't been mentioned in other threads was that I shut the laptop off completely - power down versus restart. When it came back up, my bluetooth was working properly again and I can see it in the device manager again.


After having left the machine on overnight, the Bluetooth is gone again after having awakened it this morning. Looking in the system logs from event viewer, I see this message:

The local Bluetooth adapter has failed in an undetermined manner and will not be used. The driver has been unloaded.

Slightly before this message, I saw this in the event viewer:

 Miniport Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter #2, {227dfb17-909a-4d27-9eba-a5cb2c172e21}, had event Fatal error: The miniport has failed a power transition to operational power

So it seems like the problem is related to when the laptop wakes from sleep. I'll try cold-booting it again, but I use this laptop for work, or at least I try to, and I can't be restarting it every time it wakes from sleep.


Just to confirm my earlier theory, powering off the laptop completely and then powering it on again has restored my bluetooth.


This happened to me on an old Lenovo Thinkpad I have. I had left it on until it went into hybernation. When I brought it out of hibernation (have to press the power button at that point to get it back), Bluetooth did not work. I tried a restart, and that just hung so I had to do a forced cold boot. Then everything was fine when it came up. I thought it was just a fluke as I had not noticed that issue happening before, but possibly it is an issue with v1809. Since I rarely use this PC I did not look into it further.

As far as fixing it, you could turn off hibernate and see if that resolves it. I wonder why you would want to leave your computer basically running for several days without shutting it down. It is always a good idea to completely shut it down from time to time as things can accumulate in memory and eventually give you issues. Even the normal "shut down" link on the start menu does not completely shut it down if you have fast startup enabled. Maybe you can get some other comments about this.



However, the problem with shutting off hibernation is that you risk draining you battery.



I can think of a couple of things to try.

First, look at the Settings-System-Power & sleep and see if there is an option near the middle of the page, "Network connection".  Try setting that to Always so the system won't try to connect during Modern Standby periods.

Next, you might open the Device Manager and set it to view hidden devices.  In the Network Adapters section, the Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapters should show up.  If you disable one or both, maybe it would stop the errors.


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I have the same issue, on my XPS 9575. It seems to happen when it goes to hibernate. I think if I just reboot the computer the bluetooth device comes back.


Got the same issue today. My XPS 9570 suddenly lost the bluetooth when it woke up from sleep/hybernation. Spent time with the dell support for more than 30 minutes. Initial google search didn't show any solution, but later searched with the windows release number 1890 and found this thread. 

Shutting down the computer completely and starting it again (instead of restart) resolved the issue.


As I mentioned above, I had a similar issue with an old Lenovo laptop, but there was more than Bluetooth that was messed up. When I tried a "restart", that hung so I had to do a cold boot. I have a small workstation which will not come out of hibernation with any Bluetooth device. I have a small wired keyboard that will bring it alive, else I have to press the power button to wake it. I suspect that it may be an issue with Windows 10 v1809.


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