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XPS 15-9570, brand new and very laggy

I've had this laptop for about a month and recently the performance has gotten very bad. The mouse started stuttering, it would take much longer to alt tab through apps, games which normally would have 100+ fps are laggy, and the worst part is that it's like a slideshow when I scroll on a webpage. I did a system restore with a new install of windows and the same problem persists. I used Intel Driver and Support Assistant to see if any of my drivers needed updating, it says my graphics driver needs updating but every time I try to let windows or dell do it it just says that everything is fine and up to date or it says the driver can't be installed on this computer or something. So I took it upon myself to download the latest graphic driver from the intel website and manually install it, but the problem is still there. And now on top of manually installing the driver I still constantly get notifications saying windows has updates to install but when I click it and check for new updates it says I'm all up to date. Why is there so much going on with this laptop is this common? Is it defective? Any help would be great thanks

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Hi there,

for any one who should have the same problem, here is one suggestioun, that helüed in my case.

Please check if by any chance the app "Dell power management" is installed.

The solution in my case was to deinstall this app, but before doing so, i have change the in app temperature settings from "Colling" to "High Performance".

After doing so, my 9570 seems to work fine for now. That app somehow screws up the load exchange between the Intel GMA and the GTX.


Hope this helps somebody.










This - as crazy as it seems to be to find a solution after about 5 months in this way - seems to work for me right now. However I don't feel safe with Dell XPS 15 9570 anymore because I tried EVERYTHING for months (I also had the much discussed and posted FREEZING ISSUE for some time before disappearing again) to stop the flickering that came and went. Still don't see the logic why the flickering became more and more common but still never permanent. I was not able to detect differences in my / the laptops behavior that would trigger the flickering. So no idea if this final fix for me (deinstalling dell power management) will be permanent, because I do not see the deeper logic in it and obviously can't understand why dell (oh I read so many support messages by dell staff from several countries, not one was able to propose a real and logical and WORKING fix) still does not seem to be able to fix this from their end and there is no active communication of any solution. All the official dell tools and all driver updates - I tried all of them, even the most thourough ones, several times over a period of several months >> none did not work for me. At the same time there seem to be thousands or even thens of thousands of affected laptops on a global scale and you can be certain that thousands of more cases have been and are still being handled through return and refurbish solutions by dell and their distributors, of course without solving the problem and the next owner - after some weeks or months has them again!

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