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XPS 15 9570, brightness and contrast changes

I noticed one strange feature - the brightness and contrast of the screen changes, depending on the color and brightness of the open application window.

Ie, if I open, for example Explorer, the brightness of the screen automatically increases. And if I switch to the application in dark colors, the screen automatically begins to dim (at what not only darken, but also dim, losing the image contrast)

What does this happen and how to turn it off?

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I had the same problem for weeks. Fixed it by disabling the "Display Power Saving Technology" in Intel Graphics Control Panel -> Power.


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Hi Monaco Felice,

Thanks for posting. Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.

You may be able to disable the adaptive brightness to change this setting.

Disable adaptive brightness to correct dim screen on a Windows 8 or Windows 10 portable device

Here is an answer from the Forum you may find helpful.


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The fact is that the adaptive brightness was disabled. A similar situation occurs every time when I turn off my laptop from constant power and it goes into battery mode.

Hi Monaco Felice,

Apologies if I missed that in your post, but I didn't see that you had already disabled it.

Have you tried updating the bios driver and the video driver?

Yes, I constantly install all recommended updates.

The big problem is that the gamma of the images (or program interfaces) is changing!

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You know there is also a setting in the bios right? I had to disable it in there as it was annoying me too.

Please clarify exactly what you disable in BIOS?

I think this is some kind of problem with Dell PremierColor

Well, Dell developers, can this problem be fixed somehow?

I bought this laptop to work in graphics programs. But when I unplug the laptop, there is a problem with the fading of the colors of the image and the laptop becomes completely unsuitable for work! I can work only when laptop is plugged! All sense of mobility is lost!

Please solve this problem!

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