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XPS 15-9570, bring back the 78°C GPU set point

I am requesting that Dell brings back the previous 78C set-point for GPU throttling.  Setting the GPU to throttle at 74C is just way too low and doesn't allow the 1050ti to run at reasonable rates.  If Dell won't allow this, then allow us to go back to bios 1.3.0 or 1.2.2 so we can use our laptop. 

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Yes, they reduced the temp limit without informing the users in the changelog. They also prevented the users to downgrade bios. We didn't buy a machine with 1050ti max q and then later force us to run it slower than a 1050 card.


Yeah I feel cheated.

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Actually it would be more of a shove down a steep hill if they cover it. Maybe Dell should address this before it becomes a PR problem? 

My XPS 9550 with 950m had more grunt than this crippled machine... but the battery expanded and warped the trackpad after 18 months. It was probably a mistake to buy a Dell again...


Sadly I don't think Dell really cares about it, but I would love if someone like Linus or Dave did a video on it.  It's too bad they didn't warn users or I wouldn't have "upgraded" only to have my GPU speeds nearly halved in Far Cry 5...

LTT or D2D would surely do some damage, Dell should care. Yeah that stinks. I've noticed huge performance drops.


Wow that's low, Dell has censored the word <Profanity removed> . Honestly is this really a naughty word? or do people use it too often and it hurts Dells feelings :Crying: 


I spent 35 minutes on the phone with Dell explaining the issue and supposedly he is sending the bios team my feedback.


Also had a conversation with the tech support 2 weeks ago about this. Still haven't received any response or feedback
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Is there someone from Dell to respond to this?

Drastically lowering the performance of the GPU MONTHS AFTER the laptop has been released, and on top of that, without any notice about the change in the BIOS update (apparently made in BIOS 1.3.1), is clearly a harmful and damaging practice!
Changing the GPU temperature limit for "just" 4 degrees actually causes a huge performance degradation in many games.

I really hope this was just a mistake in the BIOS update (that Dell apparently isn't even aware of) and will be corrected soon.

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