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XPS 15-9570, bring back the 78°C GPU set point

I am requesting that Dell brings back the previous 78C set-point for GPU throttling.  Setting the GPU to throttle at 74C is just way too low and doesn't allow the 1050ti to run at reasonable rates.  If Dell won't allow this, then allow us to go back to bios 1.3.0 or 1.2.2 so we can use our laptop. 

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List of Issues:

  • GPU drivers aren't working correctly
  • Problems with Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework
  • Thermal Throttling - leading to terrible performance
  • BIOS updates slowing performance and causing more problems
  • Missing Keystrokes '' and ' require pressing the key 2x (even with a USB keyboard!)
  • Most Adobe applications crash 20 seconds after starting
  • Videos stutter for the first 3 seconds on YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  • Videos don't upscale correctly, instead they have a pixelated grid pattern after the play bar disappears 
  • 10 year old games have dips in frame-rate down to 15-20fps even on low settings @1280x720 ???
  • High audio latency and terrible sound glitches if you do too many things at once
  • Dell not fixing said issues, completely ignoring users :Angry:

Even with a factory re-image from the recovery partition, upgrading drivers from the Dell site, rolling back drivers, removing drivers - the laptop still has all these issues. As many people here know, Dell has prevented BIOS rollbacks and has been silent on the matter... Unfortunately the laptop has major issues with the BIOS, drivers and thermal design...


I'm also getting a weird display bug on the HDMI output of the laptop after waking up from sleep. The extra display will flicker or get out of sync for a split second randomly. The temporary fix it to let it sleep and wake again or restart the laptop.


Still nothing from Dell on my end, I think I'm going to email tech support again.  It's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease right?


I was wondering what happend to my GPU performance a few days ago after upgrading to the new BIOS and ofcourse it had some sort of performance cut integrated. Good to see I am not the only one who is furious about this.

You can temporarily get past all these issues, you have disable certain Dynamic Platform style Thermal Framework type Management kinds of software in order to get purely hardware throttling (around 87c-90c)

Every once in a while the computer does its own self check and re-enables the software for me. Noticed that it happened again today while playing Fortnite.

I disabled it and started enjoying my games again.




Just got this from Dell:

"I have not received a reply to my previous emails and I hope that the issues have been resolved. If you need any assistance with the issue, please reply to my email and I will contact you to assist you further."

Ummm no you have not magically resolved my issue by waiting it out.  Needless to say I sent Dell an email.


I have a lot of those. I even scheduled a time for tech support to remote in and they didn't. Waited 45 min for a call or email. Lots of the Dell tech support people won't be of any help as the issue is beyond them. Best way to get Dell to move is to have LTT or D2D to talk about this - but highly unlikely.


Hoping for a response. I believe they really reduced it on purpose and not list it on the changelog since most reviews are already out for this model. A normal user will never know this problem and previous users are stuck with it. I wish a tech youtube channel will feature this problem.


Well for fun I tweeted Frank Azor, we will see what happens... 


I'd like to see a response to this as well. 

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