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XPS 15-9570, bring back the 78°C GPU set point

I am requesting that Dell brings back the previous 78C set-point for GPU throttling.  Setting the GPU to throttle at 74C is just way too low and doesn't allow the 1050ti to run at reasonable rates.  If Dell won't allow this, then allow us to go back to bios 1.3.0 or 1.2.2 so we can use our laptop. 

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My 9570 rarely ever throttles. These aren't gaming machines you know, right?


Sold the XPS and bought a Gigabyte Aero15, but still would like current XPS owners to get their performance back, bump...






Bump, it's still a problem


Performance with the 78C GPU set point was similar to what you get out of your current setup, consistent ~1800MHz GPU performance, but with the CPU running at much higher frequencies.  In all reality outside of undervolting the CPU, nothing really had to be done to the laptop.  Now without undervolting the CPU/GPU and gimping the CPU, you can't run even near consistent GPU speeds. 


May I ask what performance was achieved prior to the drop of the GPU temp limit?


Currently I can run the GPU at 1835 MHz with 0.950 V instead of 1 V. (MSI Afterburner)

The temps are 72-74°C and therefore the frequency is dropping occasionally to ~1790 MHz.

To achieve these temps I had to lower the CPU frequency to 2.7 GHz. Therefore the CPU Package temp is also at 72-74°C. Any higher frequency and it will lower my GPU performance through the thermal limitation.


Another "mod" is to use a small book (~2cm thin) and put it under the laptop. Only under the rubberthing near the air inlet. This has lowered my temps by ~4°C. (I was running the GPU with ~1750 MHz @ 0.825V @ 74°C and with the book the temp has lowered to 69-70°C)

With the new headroom I decided to go for higher frequencies. From what I can tell, the area directly above the F5-F9 keys gets really hot (Most likely the VRMs). If you hold your finger for some seconds on that area it is almost painfully hot. 


But with 1850 MHz and higher, my Game (Witcher 3) will eventually crash. Therefore the question: How much performance did we really loose with the lower temperature limit? I have not played games with the 78°C limit, therefore I can't compare it and I know that it is somehow annoying to do all these steps prior to a gaming session. (Put a book under the notebook, start msi afterburner, change throttlestop profile to limit CPU frequency) But in the end I was able to make the notebook work for me with the performance I expect from it.




and after a year.... They still haven't fix this one. I wish I can swap to a thinkpad x1 extreme easily after spending a lot of this one. I really regret buying this model. Too many problems


Weekly Bump to an ongoing problem.


Bump back up.  Looks like they did the same thing to the Alienware 51M...

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