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XPS 15-9570, bring back the 78°C GPU set point

I am requesting that Dell brings back the previous 78C set-point for GPU throttling.  Setting the GPU to throttle at 74C is just way too low and doesn't allow the 1050ti to run at reasonable rates.  If Dell won't allow this, then allow us to go back to bios 1.3.0 or 1.2.2 so we can use our laptop. 

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I don't usually game much on my laptop - and I noticed that recently it started acting up and all games became totally unusable. I was scratching my head, wondering if I have gone crazy or the drivers were messed up. Now I found this and realize that it's Dell that updated bios and now my laptop is useless when it comes to GPU!



What get's me really mad is that this isn't just your run of the mill "you loose 30% performance" throttling - that I can live with, after all it's not a gaming laptop. But when I run a benchmark, I notice that the GPU drops to like 100Mhz, so it's working at 10% performance!

Does anyone else experience throttling this crazy, or is it just me? Mind you, I am in an office in UK, like 20 degrees ambient temperature. What would this work like if it was summer in Dubai? Or is my unit just messed up in some way that's beyond what you guys are discussing here? At the moment it's basically useless and I will be returning it for refund if I don't find a way to solve this.


IF the temps hit 74 then it will throttle as much as it needs to so that the temps stay there.  No way around it.  Dell doesn't care if your speed drops, they think it's "fine" for 3dmark.  I'd return it if you're in your window.


What is the return window for these machines? I have a also considering this since it is ridiculous how often the fans kick in on this machine relative to low work load

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Hi pirinto,


Here is information that may answer your question.




Bump back up.  The fan issues aren't as bad with bios 1.6.0, but Dell won't fix that in future bios updates.  I still haven't heard anything back from Dell on the GPU set point though, I guess they've put me on ignore...


Weekly bump, Installed bios 1.9.1 and still at a 75C set-point...


Just adding my voice here about reverting back to the 78c set point. Come on Dell, do your customers mean anything to you?! Apparently not it seems.


The 9570 has been my last dell device as well, including everyone in my family, friends and anyone I know. It is not about having bugs or flaws in the system, its about not caring and not communicating. I cant even play 12 year old games on a pc, I paid 2400 Euros for. Bye dell

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Weekly bump.  Just tweeted FA, maybe something can be done...

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