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XPS 15-9570, color banding issue

Recently got this xps 15, but am dissapointed by the ridiculous amount of color banding on the monitor. All the blacks are pixelated and crunchy. How do I fix this?

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> The funniest thing is that we're talking here only between each other and dell guys just keep ignoring all this.


It isn't funny, they seem to be specifically trained not to acknowledge any issues which don't appear to have a ready solution. Probably because they think it makes them not liable They have a history of similar issues, presumably related to BIOS and the Intel video driver, and it took months to get them resolved. In the meantime, users often found working combinations of older BIOS and Intel video driver version combinations. 

You can also try reddit r/Dell and the NotebookReview forum "Dell XPS and Studio XPS". 


@ Pakon, thank you for sharing a clear image. We can see the gradient on the image now.


@ andrewphirsov, we have received your private message.


 We have escalated this to the product team. We will keep you posted as soon as we have an update on this.



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Could anyone of you try these steps & let us know the outcome?

1.Install Windows 10

2.Run updates/drivers as normal.

3.Install Dell Premier Color

4.Settings -> (Search) "color management"

5.Go to the "Advanced" tab

6.Click "Change system defaults"

7.Go to "Advanced" tab again

8.Check "Use Windows Display Calibration" box

9.Switch to a different color profile in DPC (such as from "vivid" to "rgb")

10.Download or just open this color gradient image to observe color banding: https://pe-images.s3.amazonaws.com/basics/cc/gradients/essentials/gradient-reversed.jpg



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To me it doesn't change anything regarding awful gradients, and as far as I understand this steps are more about fixing unnatural colors, which was different issue.

Why don't you just take one of your XPSes and try all the options within your team(s) and provide here working solution? - having that everyone is complaining about this, most probably you should have the same issue whit any new 9570 laptop.


Noted. We have escalated this again to our Product Engineering Team. We will keep you posted as soon as we have an update on this.

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I had three calls and one visit from Dell Support and guess what: THE PROBLEM IS FINALLY SOLVED!

The problem is, that windows or other apps fail to switch between intel gpu and the graphic card. I tried everything and noticed, that the banding wasn't noticeable, when you deactivate the intel gpu in the device manager. Dell replaced my mainboard, but the problem was still there.

Here's the summary from Dell support:

Uninstalling the Intel Graphics Driver with the Device Manager Method

Open the Device Manager by following the steps specific to your operating system:

Search for the Intel graphics driver.

Right-click the Intel video driver and select Uninstall.

Select the Delete the driver software for this device check box.

The system must reboot to complete the uninstallation process.

Install the Intel Graphics Driver

The best way is to search for the driver on the Intel homepage or on the Dell page.

After the manual driver installation, the problem should be solved.


The cause ; a driver problem

Problems with the graphics card driver can result in image errors or poor graphics performance. With other drivers, there is a risk that the device will not function correctly or at all. In addition there are error messages of the operating system, crashes, or unstable applications. The performance of the operating system and its stability suffer most from outdated or faulty drivers.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Hope this helps! Feel free to write me a pm, if you have questions!

My device: XPS 15 9570 with 4k Display


Thanks for posting this.


The link for the driver is however not valid.


Do you mind reposting the correct link please?




I'm a XPS 9570 user too, i have the same issue from the day that i bought this laptop.

I'm watching all those posts in this forum since December 2018 and i'm trying to figure out what i have to do, to see properly the colors in my 4000$ laptop. But the is no solution.

I still use the 1.5 BIOS firmware update because is the only stable version with right colors. All the other updates have issues with Intel drivers and the color management.

 If i reset my setting in Intel's Graphic control panel every seems without banding but very vibrand, every other change that i will do in this panel or in dell premier color the colors get fixed but the banding is unacceptable. It's like 8bit colors.

You guys in Dell you are playing with us and with our money, i read all these months you are suggesting some solutions that there are not right, you create new updates fixxing other issues but not the most important and you have the expectation that we will buy again a Dell product.

My next buy will be a Mac laptop, even if i dont like MacOS but you know why?

Because if apple has the same issue, which apparenty effect all the laptop devices, the internet will collapse with all there critics for "apple banding issues".

But now with Dell maybe because Dell XPS users became a very small percentage of Dell laptop owners you dont really care to solve our problem and dont respect our money.

Sorry DELL, i was very enthousiast with your products but now i think that this is the last device that i bought.

Hope to find solution as soon as possible so you can keep you premium users satisfied. 

Have a good day,



Straight to the point, Peter. I already talked out two of my colleagues of buying XPS a month ago and both now have macbooks. All I had to do is just show them this 8bit image quality on my laptop and couple of threads like this one, demonstrating the actual level of support Dell provides to the customers nowadays. 



ClipSkills's method does work for me. My color banding did go after I uninstall the intel graphic drive. But in my case, the driver just reinstalled itself after reboot.

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