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XPS 15-9570, color banding issue

Recently got this xps 15, but am dissapointed by the ridiculous amount of color banding on the monitor. All the blacks are pixelated and crunchy. How do I fix this?

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I agree with every single word of @andrewphirsov .

Dell nowadays- is a bunch of <deleted>, who disrespect their customers. Wish this company to become a bankrupt and disappear from the market, <attacking>.

The very basic <deleted> like - normal display colors, standard sleep mode (S3), etc. doesn't work on a laptop of ~3000$, when it was perfectly fine on a 7 years old Acer. I'm very very very disappointed!



Do <deleted> know what I do now to work? Every time I need to do some work, I re-install bios to version 1.5 and work - work with great colors and everything. After some time this piece of hardware reboots and installs latest BIOS and here we go - total mess with colors. Then I repeat it again.Great procedure and great workflow for this kind of device, right?

do you need anything else to help you <deleted> understand that your stupid bios messes things up and you don't care about it at all?

You may say I'm not polite enough or maybe using not quite correct words - but I think this words should actually be 10 times more aggressive and mean  when talking to people who  ignore 100s of their clients for like a year now.


Hey Dell <deleted> 5 days ago you told me that one of your technical creatures will get in touch with me shortly. I think 5 days is shortly enough, so where is that person or at least one of your human-like speaking robots?

Thank you.

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I've been dealing with this problem for about a year now, had the motherboard and screen replaced, drivers updated, fresh OS re-installation, finally getting more spare time to get in touch with premiumsupport, to try and resolve this issue, but nothing to date. watching video on the system has become next to unbearable, have been using my girlfriends mac instead. Really wish there was some solution to this by now. Until today i though I was the only one with the issue, but reading through this and other forums, it appears to be a common issue. Really don't know what to do anymore, has anybody found any solutions yet?

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Nevermind, realised after restarting I till had the problem, please dell fix this.


Nevermind the intel command graphic center -> restore to original colors, this fix is reset after restarting, DELL fix this now, this is a major problem and unacceptable for the price of this machine.


You guys at Dell are messing up something in the Bios. I currently use Dell Precision 5530 with the same problem at showing black color and my friend laptop is 5510 also have the same issue. I have read all the comment in this post and i'm so dissapointed at the Supporting team. 

And after try all methods, the problem is come from the BIOS

Fresh install window, use Support Assist to update all the driver and soft inside, also install Dell Premiere Color and set to srgb. Then UNINSTALL Dell Support Assist because it will force you update all to the latest version.

Last, INSTALL bios ver 1.5.0 and it's work :))))

There is NO BANDING, system work perfectly and more quiet than the latest Bois (still dont know why) 

Link to the EVIDENCE in case the Supporting team REQUIRE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qlYVkNKrWz3ptiT6Ex-x8o8Oz70W9NHf?usp=sharing




Hey man, how are you?

So, I've been struggling with this banding issue for a long time since I've updated WINDOWS.

But now i filnaly got the fix for this issue, at least to me!

There are 2 softwers the chances the color of the DELL XPS 15, the Dell PremiereColor and (I didn't know that) the Intel Graphic Command Center. On this last software I found the ability to RESET THE ORIGINAL COLORS. So I did it and the COLOR BAND ISSUE HAS GONE!

The downside of this solution is: The original colors of the Dell XPS <Profanity removed>! Too much red, too much of saturation. You can't junt work on video or photo editing freely using this set of colors. So fot that matter, just open the Dell Premere Color and choose the REC 709 preset and I'll be fine.

I hope you can solve that issue too! Let me know if you do!




Hello @Felix doisdedosdesol ! could you please share this REC 709 preset


Hey everyone!
After a year of having this issue and playing with the color gammut  setting slider in Intel Graphics control panel I finally found an solution which works after restart and all the latest updates and Bios.
Issue was coming from Dell Premier Color and here are the steps I followed from this post by @Anonymous :

1. Remove Dell Premier Color

2. Set color profile to Premier Color sRGB 6500 or Premier Color Adobe RGB 6500
Control Panel -> Color Management: add the color profile and set as default

3. Open Intel Graphics Command Center and reset the colors to default
Display -> Color-> Reset Original Colors

Hope that can help

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