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XPS 15-9570, color banding issue

Recently got this xps 15, but am dissapointed by the ridiculous amount of color banding on the monitor. All the blacks are pixelated and crunchy. How do I fix this?

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I am having the same problem. Darker image areas look awful and blocky like on a low-bit display. I am on the latest bios and intel drivers.

Any update on a fix for this @DELL-Jesse L  ?



Hi Jesse,

Lates BIOS - 1.13, latest graphic updates from Dell site. Nothing changes. Same awfull gradients in dark. The last thing it was okay, was with bios 1.5. Currently 1.5 is too old and other features don't work with this.

Can you guys funally do something with all this?
I'm already tired spending so much time trying to figure out what to do after every windows/bios update.

Will really appreciate some specific info, instead of those generic answers like re-install everything, etc. Just provide some working configuration.


Thank you. 


I do understand your concerns. I would request you to install Intel Graphics command center from MS store.

Restart your system, right-click on the desktop and open Intel Graphics Settings.

Click on Power if the option is available, if not you may skip the below step.
Then for each Plan (select them using the drop-down menu) disable Panel Self Refresh.
Ensure that for both Plugged In and Battery (left-hand side list) the Plan selected has Panel Self Refresh disabled.
Apply the changes to the settings.

Please share your findings.



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Geoffrey, thank you for your feedback.

Did as you proposed, but there were no difference.
Another thing - Command Center, when you run it, says that it is replacement for Intel Graphics Control Pannel and last one should be uninstalled. So i tried uninstalling it as well and putting the same settings in Command Center. No difference.

Just to clarify a little bit. Most clear those gradients may be seen in Lightroom & Photoshop software (which is of great importance to me) - darks are lighter than they should be and awful gradients present. But apart from this, let's say gradients on Intel Graphic Command Center background image itself is also has those gradients.

Whith BIOS 1.5 all the images across all the applications and windows itself were consistent and clear.

Thank you and waiting for other options.

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Just created an account to provide some input for this issue as it has plagued me for months now. I have the XPS-15 9570 with the i9, 4K touchscreen, and GTX 1050. I have the latest bios, latest graphics drivers for intel and nvidia, and latest version of windows as of my posting this. This has been a problem for me across the last 3 versions of the bios. I have rolled back my drivers, my bios, reinstalled one by one, etc. etc. and nothing has resulted in a permanent fix.

At least in my case it seems to be conflict between the intel drivers and the nvidia drivers. If I uninstall the intel driver, the issue disappears, but I lose brightness functionality. If I uninstall the nvidia drivers, the issue disappears, but I lose graphics card functionality.

I do not have a solution, but I have found a tedious and annoying workaround. If you open the "Intel Graphics Control Panel" program, select "Display" at the bottom, select "Color Settings" on the left, and then reduce the slider under "Color Gamut" all the way down to "Natural Colors" and then back up to "Vivid Colors" again and apply settings, it will temporarily eliminate the problem until you shut your screen off again. This is obviously quite annoying, but it has basically become a habit of being the first thing I do after turning on my computer.

Hopefully this helps narrow down the issue for the pros out there. Or at least provides a temporary workaround for those trying to just get some damn photo editing done.


Hi Andrew,


Thanks for trying the suggested step.


I appreciate your time and patience. Could you share the images of the issue that you are facing with for me to review and also, we can try disabling the Color Accuracy in Intel Graphics Control Panel.


Open the Intel graphics control panel and choose color settings and at the bottom choose disable under color accuracy and save changes and see if that helps.




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Thank you for the reply.

Below are 2 screenshots attached:

1st is my desktop background - you see those greenish steps and squares - those shouldn't be there, image has enough quality, so in normal conditions those parts are smooth.

2nd - part of picture from lightroom - the same gradients in shadows which in normal conditions are not there.

I hope those things are seen on the screens provided.




Desktop Background.PNGLightroomPic.PNG


Have you observed this issue is any other basic application like your browser or on the desktop screen?


Please turn off the computer, start the computer by holding down the D key to initiate the LCD BIST. Check if there is a banding issue noticed on this screen.


For my reference, please click on the message tab next to your avatar– click “New Message” & search for my Dell username (Dell-Sreejith R) & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.


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Hi Dell-SreejithR

Sorry guys, but you must be kidding, right?

1st. I told in the previous message "Here's the picture from my desktop background" which is obviously affected by the issue, as you can see. Why are you asking this again?

2nd. LCD BIST shows colors without any gradient - what kind of possible banding you expect to see there? Maybe you expecting some screen/hardware issues, but again, as I said in one of my previous posts, the issue was not there in BIOS 1.5, so this option should be excluded in the first place.

I have a very simple question - why don't you just install, let's say lightroom on one of XPSes with latest software, open some picture there and see the issue yourself. If you need pictures to use as example, I can send you some - you may compare how those pictures look on MAC and XPS with latest software to see clear difference. The serious solution from your side would be to check and test many possible image-related software, understand that issue is there, fix it and provide clear workaround/solution/settings (bios, intel-graphics,nvidia, colors profile, whatever) which will provide correct and consistend images look accross all the applications.

Sorry if I sound a bit angry, but all this is really weird - you can just google "XPS banding issue" to see that many people is affected by this and nothing is being done for a long time.

P.S. Why are you always ask to send you a direct message if many people may be interested how to solve the issue?


I understand what you are calling out. The desktop image is blurry, we are not able to confirm the issue there.


The test was to ensure that there is no hardware as you mentioned & this is part of the diagnostics.


Our assistance on 3rd party applications is limited unless the system a software warranty.


We will need the system service tag to check the entitlements.


We always recommend sharing the system details on a private message for security reasons.



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