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XPS 15-9570, color banding issue

Recently got this xps 15, but am dissapointed by the ridiculous amount of color banding on the monitor. All the blacks are pixelated and crunchy. How do I fix this?

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@Pierre.F What about the color accuracy? Are colors oversaturated or balanced?


Color accuracy is back to normal without the saturated crazy effect which was on by default at every reboot (pleasing the eye but not color accurate). Even when Vivid mode is on in intel graphics control panel. This slider is still a bit of a mystery to me as I'm looking for the original screen calibration. I'm a photographer and filmmaker so color grading is important.


I think it worked for me too, GREAT!

I still see a bit of banding but not as much as before. Maybe another update will fix it.
Speaking of color accuracy, I'm a graphic designer (sometimes I like to edit photos too) so I'm a bit frustrated about not seeing the exact colors.


@Pierre.F , I have know Idea of your visual perceptions, but may say for sure to everyone who reads it now on April 25 2020,  that nothing is fixes the problem except reverting back to BIOS 1.5 and wroking on it till the next restart.

As for @DELL-Cares I already don't care much if they do something or not. I just know for 200% that never will touch anything named Dell and make sure no people around me by something from them. I think I already saved around 5 people from wasting their money on Dell's junk.

And @AleBalbina you're absolutely correct in your feelings - this thing is not sufficient for any kind of graphic-related professional work. And only option which still works is going back to BIOS 1.5 every time this thing restarts - that's where the device was one of the best for photo/video/graphic things. 
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