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XPS 15 9570 fan hitting something inside


When _not_ running the cooling fan at full speed it sounds as if it is hitting something internally as it spins. It goes away once the fan gets up to speed if you are playing a game that requires a lot of processing power. When it makes this noise, if you flex the right-hand side of the laptop, or rest your hand on it as if you were typing, it gets louder, and sometimes goes away until you stop flexing it, or if you stop resting your palm on it.

It sounds as if there is just not enough clearance for what is in there.

Any ideas?


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Click the links below for troubleshooting and resolving fan noise.


How to Troubleshoot Fan Issues


Undesired fan noises on Inspiron/XPS Notebook/Vostro Notebook/Mobile Precision/Latitude systems


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This is not "fan noise" - the fan is _hitting something_ on the inside. Robert P asked me to (a community manager) asked me to message him and he did not respond. I sent you a private message about this. This is NOT about the fan running at a high speed, this is about, very clearly hearing, that the fan is hitting something on the inside. I'd like to return this laptop. I paid over $1000 for it and no one has helped me (despite multiple attempts) to resolve the issue.
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