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XPS 15 9570 keeps turning off

Dell XPS 15 9570 keeps turning off abruptly. it also takes multiple times to switch on when I press the power button. Most of the times I don't even get backlight and sometimes I get backlight but the laptop doesn't turn on. On the off chance it does turn on, it turns off within minutes of booting. I checked BIOS to see what's going on and I noticed some power event messages like the following : 

1. Power Off - ASF2 force off

2. Power On - Not applicable

3. Power Off - WDT

I downgraded the BIOS from 1.15 to 1.14 hoping it would make a difference but no luck. Event Viewer gives me a DistributedCOM error with event id: 10016. 

Any help would be really appreciated.

EDIT: I ended up losing my service tag in the BIOS maintenance tab and other relevant details such as the manufacture date in the many times that I've tried to boot. I was able to set the service tag since I had it noted down. I don't know whether this information will help provide any clarity to the situation.


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I have the problem that started in Jan.


Mine is preceded by a slide to shutdown prompt.

I hate this laptop and it's out of warrantee.

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