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XPS 15-9570, keyboard skipping keys


I saw the post about the XPS 13 9370 having this same issue. I'm also experiencing it with my XPS 15 9570. It looks like a BIOS update fixed it for that machine. Do we know when there will be an update for the 9570 o address this issue?

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I also try to have everything updated and present the same problem.

Yes Mate, get your money back as soon as you can.  I did, and until enough people do the same, they will have no incentive to sort it out! 


My suggestion is to stop upgrading bios from 1.2.2. Dell introduced show stopper bugs and throttling beyond this bios version. You'll have more problems than the older bios. Might as well wait until Dell reaches bios ver 3 or 10, they might be able to fix it lol


KIndly work fast on the dell 15 9570 key skipping issue. 


SAME HERE. keyboard errrrrrrorrrss NOT FIXED and laptop is now crashing.

bios 1.6.0 does not resolve the issue.


I'm having this problem with my 9560 and have been since the last BIOS upgrade in October. Has anyone tried going back to BIOS 1.11.0 from 1.12.1?


Don't think it is a BIOS issue, more of a driver/conflict issue.  Try using some of the tips in this post, some people have said it resolves their problem.  But one thing is certain, Dell should have addressed this problem a long time ago instead of burying their head in the sand  !!!! 


I ran the online diagnostic from the Dell web site which found a USB driver that required upgrading. Did the upgrade and the keyboard skipping problem seems to be solved. For now.


Dell XPS 15 - 9570 - V key has to be pressed twice to type it - and it's clearly software. I hate all the experience with XPS from sleep issues, to keys now randomly deciding to not be typed .. QA should be improved before having updates made guys - it's ridiculous. It was working perfectly before an update.

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