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XPS 15-9570, not using Nvidia GPU, BIOS related bug

I'am having exactly this problem with my XPS 9570 laptop with Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti. Currently, I am playing Witcher 3. The problem is that the game starts running using the onboard GPU (Intel UHD Graphics 630). The only way I can force the laptop to use NVIDIA GPU, is to use XTU (Intel Software) and run a Stress Test on the CPU. When the CPU reaches 140°F, then the GPU starts working, fps increase to normal ranges. I've been searching on the web for solutions to this, and I have tried everything: updating drivers, uninstall drivers with DDU and install Dells drivers for my GPU and CPU graphic processors, selecting the High Performance GPU on the Panel Control of Nvidia, right click - run with - high processor GPU, etc. I do now see a bit of hope knowing that this is a known problem by the community. Anyone experiencing the same?

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Seconded on that notion. These laptops aren't cheap and to see such an carelessness from dell is frankly sickening.

1-Aug-2018 ????

OMG !!!

@AnonymousTechnical Support

I have been looking for a solution for this problem for some time now and I appreciate that Dell acknowledges the problem, works on it and even tries to provide a date when the problem will be fixed.

As for delivery delays, knowing how complex software development can become, I'd rather wait another week and be sure that the fix does not create new problems somewhere else.

Maybe they have no idea how solve it...


You mean Aug 1st, 2019 or Jan 8th, 2019?

It certainly is not a minor issue, why does it take you so long?

Issue is still ongoing. Made an account here just to get some support as dell doesen't want to be reached.

Hello Justin,

Look, I was a customer support for a long time, I know you really cannot do anything. I have this XPS named nightmare for a year now, and all I could say that Dell is the most disgusting company I've ever met. And now after 1 year, reading all kinds of forums for solutions for all kinds of problems, reading these copy-pasted <attacking> from cs before they disappear from the forum, I can't hold myself from replying. I'm not a computer professional, but also not a total noob, so I'm okay with a workaround if there is. If someone who is total clueless about computers in general, thinks, hey I will get a laptop for this price, will be good - then faces all of these problems and can't do workarounds (if there are) then what? They send it back to your service for nonsense prices again? This is what you really want, right? <libel>, instead of make them loyal to you is the most ridiculously <profane> thing a company could do. Dell, stop <attacking>. It's okay to have problems, engineers are people too. Just <attacking>

My xps 15 got to almost a stop when using simple browser. Nvidia not reacting. if u turn it off its possible to browse internet but with both cards on they just kill this laptop. there is a huge issue. and still have the problem. and i have on site repair warranty and but they do anything they can not to come here and fix this. cause probably they dont know how! im thinking of them at this point. Problem since day 1 never had such a bad experience with laptop EVER. 

So may i know whats the solution cos i think i might ve encountering this issue now

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Have you tried sliding the WINDOWS (not Nvidia, etc) power slider all the way over to the right? I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was having the exact same symptoms, and could only play Fortnite at 10FPS because Task Manager showed only the Intel GPU was activating. When I tried all the things you did and gave up, I forgot about the slider, readjusted and and boom! Nvidia GPU kicked into life every time!

I agree it's a bug, but it could be a work around (I can now play fortnite at an acceptable FPS).

P.S. I'm still on Bios 1.3 because of all the fan issues reported with later bios versions

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