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XPS 15-9570, touch screen on after lid closed

XPS 15 9570 touch screen working even after after lid is closed and connected to secondary display - this is leading to unwanted clicks. My YouTube videos get paused intermittently. Can someone please fix the issue, It is really annoying. 

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Is there any fix for this yet? I have the same issue with ghost touches when the lid is closed, upper right of screen seems most common, closing windows when the lid is closed. 

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I have the same problem with an Latitude 3390 2-in-1

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Hi, I think I have a similar problem, not with closing the lid but with ghost touches when I start up the laptop (XPS 9300). I think around 2-3 out of 5 times when I wake my laptop from sleep or restart, the screen has the following issues.

The top right corner where the minimize button usually is, starts showing touch screen inputs when no one is touching that point, as if I'm hovering the mouse pointer over there. Most of the times the mouse pointer also disappears and when I try to click, it clicks on the ghost touch point. This position also changes a bit but rarely. To fix this, I have to close the lid and open again after a few secs and log in again. It goes away usually, but sometimes reappears as well. Sometimes it goes away when I keep touching around the ghost touch point, but not always. 

It used to happen with Windows 10, I've upgraded to Windows 11 but same issue. It is hard to believe this could be hardware because once I fix it, it stays fixed. Windows is updated, all drivers are updated both through windows and Dell support. It happens both on battery and when charger is connected. 

I tried disabling the touchscreen and of course it went away, and since the problem is increasing in frequency a bit, I've kept it disabled for now but really want a fix, as otherwise the laptop is great. Any solutions?

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