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XPS 15-9575 2-in-1, random shutdowns, doesn't charge

Hi, so my dell xps 15 2-in-1 is still a year old and i'm already experiencing some technical issues. I'll try to be as detailed as I can to show my point.

First there's this issue of my charger saying that it's not charging despite it being plugged in and often see the battery light flashing alternating white & orange.

Lastly, I experience random shutdown like literally black screen while using the device even though it still has a more or less full battery. 

p.s by not charging I mean when i plug it in the designated port for charging it doesn't charge at all but i can still charge it in other ports which is what I'm doing just to keep it going.

Literally disappointed actually considering that this issue started like 5-6 months after purchase and the price tag on this thing.

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I bought my 9575 last year late October and started having problems with it after about 6-7 months. At first I thought it was just the Thunderbolt dock (which in itself is a nightmare), but then I realized that it was the battery after the trackpad started requiring more pressure to click. I also had the random shutdowns and black screens.

For yours, I would try updating the BIOS, if you haven't already, as well as the thunderbolt software and graphics software. Those resolved a number of issues.

I've been trying to contact Dell for over a month and of course I only get a response after my warranty is expired. Then when trying to buy a battery, I'm told that it's not available.

At this rate, this will probably be the last Dell that I buy (and I have 4 of them!!!). 


If only I knew Dell had so many issues lately I would’ve made a better purchase decision on some other brand. Thanks, for the tip btw. The thing is SupportAssist stopped working for me too, and i can’t seem to reinstall it. And as far as i know, the safest way to update the BIOS is from there?

Probably be the last dell product i’ll purchase too. The only problem is this thing costs a fortune for someone like me


Even I faced this problem. How can a laptop stop working all of a sudden? Isn't there a thing called quality assurance? Dell's "experts" suggested that I replace my motherboard which like the laptop costs a limb and a kidney. Wow! Great solve! We are nothing but mere Guinea pigs for Dell. XPS 15 9575 (2018) didn't work out? Buy XPS 17! It only costs half a liver and a kidney! Wow! So simple! My career progression depends on it. Thanks for ruining my life Dell! *applause*. Beautiful customer service!

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I have this EXACT same problem. Everything you described. But when I plug the charger into other ports, Windows tells me I have a slow charger connected. Did you ever get this resolved? What did you have to do?

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