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XPS 15-9575 2-in-1, touchpad freezing

I got my new laptop less than a month ago and have been very happy with it. However, I have noticed that there is sometimes a problem with the touchpad.

Occasionally, the touchpad will freeze and the cursor will stop moving. These freezes last from about half a second to many seconds. Now, this isn't a huge problem, but it is pretty annoying when it happens.

Anyone with the same problem or ideas on how to fix this problem?

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@Smokidoki How long has it been since you bought the XPS ? is it still within the 30 days return policy ?

Hi Everyone,

After having my touchpad replaced in mid-December, the issues still have not returned. The trackpad replacement fixed my issues, and it is running well.

I will say that one of the usb-c ports is starting to become intermittently reliable though - i plug it in, and sometimes it doesn't recognize it and doesn't show it charging. Re-plugging it seems to work though.

Overall I'm happy about my purchase, but I will most likely consider another laptop for the next time.


I can confirm that this happens both in Windows 10 and Linux. (Manjaro Cinnamon) I've also tested it on 2 different SSDs, on the original Windows 10 install and a fresh install, tried upgrading drivers, etc.

At first, this laptop was also suffering constant BSODs (on Linux, the graphics would completely glitch out, though the system would remain responsive enough for me to switch to a terminal and reboot... I just couldn't see what I was doing because of the video corruption) but that stopped unexpectedly about 2 weeks ago.

We bought this around Cyber Monday at Best Buy, and I really wish we had used it more in the first month so we could have returned it for a full refund. This laptop has proven to be much more trouble that it's worth.

I'll try talking to Dell soon and getting the touchpad replaced... I really hope that helps.

I had my touchpad replaced and it made no difference.  It still freezes frequently.

I have no confidence that anyone has identified the root cause of this issue, let alone a reliable fix or workaround.

My guess is that it is more than one underlying problem, particularly since the symptoms vary slightly from person to person.

@razvi  no, I own it since Juli 2018. I did not return it, I got a new one instead.


My recommendation to everyone who experiences random touchpad freezing at the lower half of the Touchpad (or similar): Unfold the XPS from the left corner. Means, you need to open it up with holding the left corner to the ground and pulling up the display at the left corner.

Give it a try! The touchpad freezes of my old 9575 disappeared almost completely. I think it has something to do with mechanical tension in the body. I could explain it further, but my English is very bad.

To my surprise this actually fixed it. It has been a couple of days and the touchpad has been fine so far.

If any of y'all are dumb like me, and bought a refurbished model, there is hope. My failure mode was not limited to the lower half of the trackpad, the whole pad would intermittently decide to go stupid and move the mouse where is darn well pleased. 

Dell won't sell you the sensor module (which is just the trackpad and its circuitry), but you can buy them online for pretty cheap. I got mine at PC parts people for $20, and the installation is thankfully pretty straightforward. Dell tries to hide the part number of the sensor module, but best as I can surmise, its 3T2W4, which appears to be compatible with other dell models, but I haven't verified that. 

Additionally, and I'm sure this is an artifact of buying mine cheap through a refurbisher, but after seeing that potential causes to the problem could be battery swelling, I took out my battery and found that every single one of the screws used to fasten the battery were the wrong size, according to the service manual specs.I wish I had replaced them before installing the new sensor module to see if it played a factor, but I was too lazy. Nevertheless, my trackpad has worked like a dream for the past 6 months, and I haven't messed with active pen at all. 

Try disabling "HID compliant pen" in Device Manager. It has worked for me so far. Curious if it works for you.

I am also affected on Linux, and I use a PN597X pen as well.

See the following issue (wrongly filed against libinput before we figured out it was likely a firmware or hardware issue):


The touchpad is actually never locked, but instead it detects less fingers than are actually present, so I can still move the pointer with 1+N fingers, scroll with 2+N, pinch with 3+N, etc... with N > 0.

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