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XPS 15-9575, Pen PN557W turns off laptop (thread 2)

The original thread I started is here: 


Sorry for not replying earlier. As I was asked I'm now starting a new thread. This is in reply to Dell-Chris M's questions under the original thread.

The original problem I wrote is here:

"When I move my active pen over the area at the top of the keyboard, my XPS15 9575 turns off without me touching it. You can see it on this video:


In addition, the top button of the PN557W pen works very rarely - most of the time when I click it, double click it, or long press it, it doesn't do anything to my laptop. They are connected by bluetooth and I've got the latest drivers for the pen and the Active Pen program installed. 

Sometimes while I'm using the pen it stops working and the mouse icon disappears when I'm hovering over the screen and pressing anything on the screen does nothing. 

Are these issues due to software or my error or is the pen's hardware not functioning?"


Now I've recorded more videos. I tried out the issue in safe mode, in BIOS, and with different power management settings. I've also noticed that moving the pen on the top right corner of the keyboard activates autorotate by itself. 

In BIOS moving the pen dims over the same area dims the screen but doesn't turn off the laptop. https://youtu.be/xnp0bWtMcBg 

In safe mode moving the pen turns off the laptop. https://youtu.be/AVnr8r34tFs

Moving the pen over the top right corner of the keyboard, just below the power button, activates the "Do you want to switch to tablet mode" prompt and turns on autorotate. Shown here: https://youtu.be/hYSBShGvVIE 

In the original video (https://youtu.be/f-o-j1MPn1M) I was using the "Better battery" mode. I've now re-recorded that video showing that I'm using the "Better battery" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUm2CFyWU34&feature=youtu.be The pen still turned off the computer. 

I then tried using different battery modes. Using "Best Performance" - https://youtu.be/JtPfjzImbQk. Using "Better Performance", "Better Battery" and "Best Battery" - https://youtu.be/4Mz8YGurDrg.

"Best performance" and "better performance" resulted in the pen locking the computer first, then turning it off. But the weird thing was that after that "better battery" also just locked it and then turned it off, whereas before it just turned it off. And the computer gets locked twice, the second time when the pen is not even near the computer. 

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On the palm rest is a magnetic reed switch that turns off the screen when the lid is closed.  Apparently, the pen is compromising this switch.  We would suggest that you not rest the pen there,

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Is there no solution to the problem?

What about my the other problems? Autorotate gets turned on when the pen is above the top right corner of the keyboard, just below the power button.

The pen's top button very rarely works and sometimes the pen randomly loses connection while I'm writing with it. The pointer disappears and the pen stops responding. 




From where and when was this PN557W purchased? Provide the web link. If purchased directly from Dell UK, send us the Dell PN557W order number via Private Message.

Per the PN557W User's Guide, have you removed and replaced the two coin-cell batteries? Or simply removed and reseated them?

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I bought it on amazon, here's the link


I received it on 17 October. 


I've tried replacing the batteries and reseating them, didn't do anything. 


I think that the Pen is defective, not the Laptop. You should return the pen to Amazon since you are still inside 30 days from the purchase date. A final test, do you have any other Bluetooth devices to "move" around the Laptop to see if they do the same thing?

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I tried my bluetooth speaker and my smartphone, nothing happened. 

But when I tried my wallet's small magnet, it turned off my laptop the same was that the pen did. 

So maybe it's any magnet that can do it? Another moderator said there was a reed switch in that area of the laptop. 


But this doesn't explain why the pen's button practically never works, so I'll get a replacement from amazon.




i had the same issue with my 7306. turns out it was the magnet in the stylus causing it to interfere with a sensor in the right hand edge of the laptop

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