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XPS 15 9575 microphone not working well

On Zoom other participants either can't hear me at all, say I'm too soft and garbled.  I've checked all settings, played with the Maxx Audio Pro, recorded with Voice Recorder app (recording is soft and often buzzy) and nothing seems to help much.  I spent a few hours with a Dell tech a few days ago and he didn't really know how to fix it; we uninstalled and re-installed drivers but ended with him agreeing that the mic was in a bad spot and not good. I got this 2-1 a month ago to use for remote meetings with clients.  Now I'm just frustrated!  I'd appreciate any input or similar experience.  Thanks.

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I have the Dell XPS 15 9510 the mic sounds like a robot and has the tenacity to not pick up my voice. I have razer Kraken headphones with 7.1 surround sound, to see if that could give me better quality but nothing so far. I thought it could be due to the software not supporting windows 11, but that doesn't affect the audio. I have tried drivers but quality went up a little. My friends on Discord complain of the quality.  At this point, I am not sure if it's discord or XPS 15. Could I get help if I missed any possible configurations?

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I have fixed my issue. For one the MaxAudio studio needs to do a better job with its software. It is so unclear. All along it was the selection of the wrong inputs. But the issue still stands that you are gonna need either a new headset or microphone since the dell XPS is lacking in that department. 


Uninstalled MaxxAudio completely and the problem is gone. Thanks.

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I also am having this issue. Is there any solution? Thanks


I cant believe this hasn't been fixed since 2020. I'm having this problem with my brand new (Expensive!) Dell XPS 15.

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