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XPS 15 9575 microphone not working well

On Zoom other participants either can't hear me at all, say I'm too soft and garbled.  I've checked all settings, played with the Maxx Audio Pro, recorded with Voice Recorder app (recording is soft and often buzzy) and nothing seems to help much.  I spent a few hours with a Dell tech a few days ago and he didn't really know how to fix it; we uninstalled and re-installed drivers but ended with him agreeing that the mic was in a bad spot and not good. I got this 2-1 a month ago to use for remote meetings with clients.  Now I'm just frustrated!  I'd appreciate any input or similar experience.  Thanks.

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Thank you for reaching out to us. We have sent you a private message regarding the issue that you have reported, feel free to reach out to us. ^KR 

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If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session. To send us a private message, click our DELL-Cares username. Our Forum profile page will then appear. On the right, click "Send this user a private message".

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I have the same issue. I also spent time on the phone with a very helpful Dell technician. Even after he reinstalled drivers, my problem with people hearing me on zoom continues. They say that my voice sounds like I'm talking under water. Sometimes it straightens out and then gets garbled again. I don't want to use a headset because some of the meetings are attended by two people in my house. I would like to know if Dell had a solution for Annafish.

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the same with my spx 15. The microphone is not working, however it responds when knocking on the laptop. So I think the drivers are ok, but the hardware malfunctions. My laptop was returned for two months to repair after using it one week when bought. (I bought 3 years warranty!). Dell refused to hand over a new one. Before handed over to Dell 3 maintenance guys tried to fix it prior. My laptop is opened 4 time so I assume that the microphone is broken during one of those repair sessions. I noticed the problem of the mike however only later. Dell tried to fix the problem with driver updates en installations over and over. Cost me about 5 hours, but as I expected no success. The obliged me to reinstall a fresh windows. I am quite sure that does not help, and Dell refuse to repair the hardware. Problem is the software repairman only know how to reinstall drivers, the hardware repairmen only know how to use a screwdriver. There book says first to do a fresh windows reinstall and when problem still is there then the come for the hardware. A reinstallation is too much work. As a bonus I recieved a tick of 50 euro to buy a seperate mike from DELL. And now, icing the cake, the delivery time of the seperate mike was two month, but delayed with another month. So in Corona time I can't us this expensive XPS 15 2-1. I think this reply will give an answer to the many problems with the microphone in his forum, and to live with it.

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Having the same issue on my brand new dell, anybody get this resolved? Thinking about returning for another brand if not. This seems to be an issue with dell laptops according to what I’ve read.

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Yes I'm experiencing the same issue and my laptop is about 2 months old! Have to use my phone for meetings. If anyone knows how to fix it please share.

I have the same problem on my XPS13. Can you reach out to me as well?

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Well, it's been almost five months since my OP and Dell has not responded adequately to our plea for help with this!!! My mic is still not working well on Zoom calls, and the two times a Dell tech has tried to help with driver updates, etc. have been a waste of a lot of time. I was going to give up and buy an external mic...but I see from this forum that others who have tried this have also had trouble with the XPS recognizing an external mic. ARGH! I've had to resort to a much slower old ASUS laptop for remoting. Dell: PLEASE post suggestions for us all. Others: have you purchased an external mic that works with the XPS and, if so, what kind and what tips can you supply??


Try switching off microphone in the MaxxAudio application. It worked in my case!


Am having the same issue on my XPS 9550 from last couple of weeks. Device manager doesn't show any warnings or errors. What is the fix?

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